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A noose is seen Friday, Jan. 5, 2018, draped over a campaign sign for Democrat Christine Mann outside a home in Leander. Mann is running for the Texas District 31 seat in U.S. Congress against Republican incumbent John Carter.

Late last week, a family in Leander supporting Democrat Christine Mann for Texas District 31 in U.S. Congress woke up to a disturbing sight: A noose had been draped over a campaign sign they posted in their yard.

Mann is running against incumbent Republican John Carter for the congressional seat.

District 31 includes much of Bell County and Killeen.

The family has not taken down the campaign sign, and it is unclear who placed the noose over the sign.

“I hope that whoever did this understands that this will not intimidate me. I will not back down,” Mann said in a statement. “My concern is for the owners of the property. They are a lovely lesbian couple who lead quiet lives and just want to live in their place of choice in peace. They told me today that they face harassment on a regular basis. This is not OK.”

Mann was unsure if the noose was directed toward her specifically, her campaign as a whole or the family who lives there.

Carter also released a statement condemning the placement of the hate symbol on the campaign sign.

“This display of hate in politics, or any other setting, is absolutely inexcusable. The beauty of our democracy is that we respect and celebrate our differences. I strongly condemn this hateful act,” he said.

Carter’s Republican challenger Mike Sweeney also showed support and solidarity for Mann in a statement he sent out Monday.

“Such backwards, racist and xenophobic behavior has no place in a 21st century campaign,” Sweeney said in a statement. Sweeney is also running against Carter in the primary election in March.

There is a page set up for the family, raising money to install security cameras or a security system to watch the sign.

Mann is listed as the first donor on the gofundme page. The campaign surpassed its goal of $1,000 in the first day.

Mann is facing Democratic challengers MJ Hegar, Richard Lester and Mike Clark in the primary. Carter and Sweeney are the only Republicans on the ballot.

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In another article, Mann speculates this incident could be because "she is a woman running for a high office or because she has an African-American woman for her campaign manager or maybe it's because the property owners are Lesbian." Well done, Mann! You covered the litany of special interest groups that Liberals depend on for votes but I'm surprised you couldn't connect this to immigration, too. And, before anyone responds with the opinion that I'm trying to minimize the severity of the situation, let me assure you that I hope whoever did this is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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