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8 file for Killeen council positions; Heights race draws only incumbent

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The filing period for the May 6 election of the Killeen Independent School District’s board of trustees opened two weeks ago, and as of late Wednesday, no candidates had filed, school officials said.

Any candidate who files for one of two seats up for election must fill out a ballot application form with Election Administrator Kirk Thomas at KISD’s central office, 200 S. W.S. Young Drive, and turn in the paperwork in person.

Candidates have only 15 more days to file for election under the Feb. 17 deadline.

The filing period began Jan. 18.

The two seats are currently held by Board President Terry Delano and Board Member Marvin Rainwater.

Rainwater spoke with the Daily Herald on Wednesday, saying, “I would like to run again (re-election), but I need some more time to speak to my wife and family about it first.”

Delano was unavailable for comment on Wednesday.

KISD said it will update the Daily Herald at 4 p.m. each day about who filed for the positions.

Regular business hours at the district’s administration building are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Candidates must live within KISD’s boundaries, which include Fort Hood, Harker Heights, Killeen and Nolanville.


Eight candidates filed for the Killeen City Council election May 6.

The council’s four district seats are open. Three at-large representatives and the mayor are elected in even-numbered years.

Candidates who have filed, by district:

District 1 — Shirley Fleming (i), Kenny Wells

District 2 — Richard “Dick” Young (i)

District 3 — Jim Kilpatrick (i), Patsy Bracey

District 4 — Brockley Moore (i), Steve Harris, Ralph Cossey Jr.


Two positions are up for election in Harker Heights — the Place 4 seat on the City Council and the mayor’s post.

To date, only incumbent Councilman John Reider has filed for the Place 4 seat.

No candidates have filed for the mayor’s seat, which is now held by Rob Robinson.

Both seats are three-year positions.

Filing in both races continues until 5 p.m. Feb. 17 at City Hall, 305 Millers Crossing.

The Daily Herald’s Dave Miller contributed to this report.

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Maybe we will get lucky and a new face will pop up soon. I hope so, I know in my heart that new blood may be just what we need. Someone younger, someone that thinks outside of the box. Someone that is just a regular citizen that just wants to truly make things better. Fingers crossed. @Alvin I really wish you would have chosen to run, I think you would have done great for our city. @overseer why don't you run, it seems you like politics and you seem well spoken educated. Have a good evening, maybe we will get luck and we will be sent an angel.


@Rock hauler - I myself am in the decision making process. As I read your comments regarding Councilman Moore, Council woman Flemming and Mr, Harris(or Should I refer to him as former Councilman Harris?), your comments have thrown me off slightly. In my tracking of the current city council happening over the past year, I have to disagree with your assessment of council woman Flemmings. I do believe that she has done her job in a way that far exceeded, both, the expectations and hopes of many citizens. She has become her own person and has made many good decisions, represented her constituents well and sis still doing an adequate job right now.
With Councilman Moore...I can understand your frustration with him. He has had his ups and downs as many politicians do in their tenures. Regardless of how you feel about him, opinion is in the mind and eye of the beholder.
Finally, your opinion on former Councilman Harris(I will be generous and give him his recognition of his past serving Che's to the city. As far as I can remember concerning him, he was a person that was truly a person of the community. I do remember, in my opinion, his overall decisions on the council were pretty sensible and well thought out. I believe that he, in his time in office did a good job and would ad value to the council once again if he is elected..
With all of that said, my assessment now turn towards you. By the mere fact that you used the word "dumb" in such a short sentence that provided no reasoning or explanation for you opinion, I have to question within myself your lack of "dumbness". Here's 's why.
First, your words are short and provide no substance that lends itself to facts but only to character assassination in the hopes that some gullible person who does not research and speak with candidates themselves to gain an accurate opinion will just believe you.
Second, You are not a common name in the "comments" community which tends to lead me to believe you are a plant and obvious supporter of the other contestant no candidates you did not mention. You should always sir or ma'am, for future reference, build someone up after you finish trying to tear others down...if you are bold enough.
Thirdly, your method of straight out attack suggests activism on your part while, at the same time whispering possible hints of a disliking of a particular ""group" of people but, I digress. Seeing that there is one other challenger that you did not mention, who happens to be a member of the same group of the three you did mention is on the ballot...although you failed to prop him up in any kind of way along with the other guy.
Finally, you just sound, please forgive me for the use of this particular word, "shady" in character. Your tactics of making opinions suggest that you may need to change from "hauling rocks" to maybe "planting trees". Then again, I could be completely wrong about you. Please provide more words next time and enough with the name calling. just tell us who you support and be done with it.
As I have said, I am still interested n the decision making process but I do believe I know who I will support. It is two of the people that you referred to as "dumb". I believe I will end up supporting Council Woman Fleming and former Councilman Harris. Why? One is and the other was, and I believe still will be, consistent in the support of this city's best interest and those of the people in it. Please tell me why I should change my mind in more than one sentence.

Rock hauler

Moore, Fleming, and Harris are all too dumb to lead a city


Which is correct? The title or the 8 names listed under COK council?


Counting is tough.


Those washed-up, golf course elitists need to hang it up. Wells will be defeated just as Gilmore was but this time he should take Moore with him. It's because of guys like these that are unable to disassociate personal influences from their decision making process on the dias, that we're in half of the problems that we're in. Please stay home and enjoy retirement.

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