An increased chance of thunderstorms looms over Independence Day festivities in the Killeen area, according to the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. 

Meterologist Bianca Villanueva said there is a 60 percent chance of rain in the afternoon from approximately 1 to 7 p.m.

“That chance tapers off to 30 percent by around 7 p.m.,” Villanueva said. “By the time anyone is doing any firework activities, they may be able to see a break from the rain.”

The skies will be mostly cloudy throughout the day, with highs between 91 and 93 degrees and winds under 10 per miles per hour, Villanueva said.

The nighttime low is projected to be around 73 degrees.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is also showing moderate levels of Saharan dust still in the local atmosphere, Villanueva said.

She said Wednesday’s storms are not likely to greatly affect the dust, which traveled more than 5,000 miles to Killeen from Africa on Saturday, according to the Weather Channel.

“The rain will be lower than the dust, which is higher in the atmosphere,” Villanueva said. “The dust cloud should clear out by Friday.”

The NWS is forecasting a slight chance of continued thunderstorms into Thursday morning.

The inclement weather will briefly break Thursday night but has a 20 to 30 percent chance of continuing into the weekend.

High temperatures Thursday through Sunday will be between 92 and 94 degrees. Lows will register around 73 degrees. | 254-501-7557

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