A steady stream of parents and children moved in and out of Grabbagreen Food and Juice on Sunday as the business hosted a free fruit for kids event at its Killeen location, 2802 W. Stan Schlueter Loop.

Even though the official event was set for 1 p.m. Sunday, the actual giveaway will be going on year-round, according to organizer Lisa Kelly.

“Any day a kid comes in here, they can get a piece of fruit completely free,” Kelly said. “Every kid in the community will have access to something healthy every single day.”

Kelly said she first had the idea to offer free fruit to the community because her own children would come into the store every day after school and almost immediately ask for a piece of fruit. She said, after a while, she realized it was something she could offer to every child, not just her own.

“A lot of times people choose not to eat as healthily because we think it can be expensive to eat healthy,” Kelly said. “But with a program like this going on, it completely changes the way kids look at healthy choices. We don’t want to limit our kids just because of cost.”

Plenty of Killeen residents stopped in for the event Sunday, both new and recurring customers of Grabbagreen alike.

“I am typically in here at least once a week, though now that they are offering free fruit to kids it may be even more often,” Sarah Gardner said.

Gardner was at the event with her two children, Connor, 12, and Bridget, 14 months. “I used to come by even more when I lived right over here. But they (her children) will like it, because they both really like fruit.”

Connor said he particularly enjoys red grapes, while Gardner said Bridget really likes bananas.

Other people at the event said it was their first time visiting the business, but the free fruit for children might cause them to come back more often.

“We’ve never been here before, but my wife found it on Facebook, and they (his children) both like fruit so we wanted to check it out,” Gabriel Morales said.

Morales was at the event with his children, Jaysel and Adrian Morales.

Kelly said the business purchased 160 pounds of apples, 120 pounds of bananas and 50 pounds of oranges just for the event, and the business plans to give free fruit to children every day of the year.

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