The weather in Killeen is slowly starting to warm up after freezing temperatures over the New Year’s holiday weekend, but residents can still expect temperatures below freezing during the next couple of nights. Daytime temperatures are expected to stay between the upper 40s and low 50s into the weekend.

“You are going to see a little less sun tomorrow due to cloud cover, which could keep the temperature colder,” meteorologist Matt Bishop with the National Weather Service in Dallas/Fort Worth said. “Then the temperatures are expected to warm up this weekend, with Saturday’s highs in the 50s and Sunday’s in the 60s.”

In response to the freezing temperatures, the city of Killeen opened the Killeen Community Center as a warming shelter for people in need. Killeen Director of Communications Hilary Shine said the facility remained open since 3 p.m. Sunday and offered residents shower facilities and snacks on site. A news release issued Saturday said the shelter would remain open during off hours for the unseasonably cold weather. Shine said Wednesday the shelter will remain open until low temperatures are listed above freezing, which is currently forecast for Friday.

In addition to the cold weather, Bishop said there is also a tiny chance of snow today, as well.

“There is a real low chance of snow flurries in the morning before it warms up,” Bishop said. The Killeen area saw light snow flurries Monday and Tuesday.

Due to the freezing temperatures, Bishop urged residents to do what they can to stay warm.

“If you have a fireplace I suggest you utilize it,” he said. “If not, make sure you keep your heater on.”

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