COPPERAS COVE — The Cove City Council once again postponed its decision to add a term limit to the contract of City Manager Andrea Gardner during executive session at its regular meeting Tuesday at the Economic Development Corporation.

The item will be considered once again at the council’s regular meeting Nov. 1.

“I support waiting until Nov. 1, to put agreements together,” said Councilman James Pierce, who first proposed the item. “We have a lot of things that are positive for Copperas Cove, and I think that to do anything that would upset that apple cart is detrimental to the best interests of Copperas Cove.”

Several members of the council used the item as an opportunity to praise Gardner’s track record.

“Andrea, I wish to express that you have my support,” Councilman David Morris said. “And citizens out there, you couldn’t ask for a better city manager.”

Councilman Kirby Lack also backed Gardner.

“I’ve seen city managers come and go over the years, and I think she’s the best one we’ve ever had,” Lack said. “We’d be ridiculous to get rid of her.”

“You can have a city manager who just manages issues, and manages the city, but it’s awful seldom that you find a city manager who leads the city,” Councilman George Duncan said. “So I am in total support of our city leader and hope that she chooses to remain. She has my full support.”

Gardner has 14 years of local government experience, including seven years of city management experience. She became the Cove city manager in 2007 and previously served as the assistant manager for the city.

Gardner’s contract with the city was amended as “indefinite” in 2008, pending termination by either Gardner or the council, but the item added to the agenda will set an as-yet-undecided term.

In other business:

The council authorized the city manager to renew the Coryell County Firefighting Agreement for Fire Department Services in the unincorporated portions of Coryell County for fiscal year 2017.

The council approved the city manager to enter into an Automatic Aid Agreement between Southwest Bell County Volunteer Fire Department and the Copperas Cove Fire Department.

The council declared 16 control station radios that no longer meet the Project 25 Interoperability Communication Standard be listed as surplus and disposed of by trade-in. The city will receive a combined total of $15,300 for the trade-in of all 16 of the control station radios. | 254-501-7464 | 254-501-7464

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