Pit Bull

Pit Bull

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COPPERAS COVE — A Change.org petition which would allow pit bulls, chows and Rottweilers to be adopted out by the Copperas Cove Animal Shelter originally asked for 1,500 signatures when it started in January.

That goal was recently surpassed, but the total signatures requested has been raised to 2,500.

As of late Tuesday, 1,557 signatures were on the petition.

"The more signatures you have, the better off you will be," said Gabriella Smith, a Cove-area resident concerned about animals.

The link to the petition is:


George Fox, a Killeen resident and president of Assisi Animal Refuge, has been very involved in animal causes across Central Texas, including serving on advisory committees dealing with animal ordinances.

Fox acknowledged, "Not every animal that goes to the animal shelter is going to make it out alive."

Rather than specifying certain breeds, however, Fox thinks the Cove Animal Shelter personnel should go by the animal's temperament, "not some outdated internal procedure."

"We've had battles over this before," Fox said, some of which date back to 2009. Working on a special committee, a four-year process managed to change 51 aspects of the Cove animal ordinances. The practice of Cove's Animal Shelter not adopting out pit bulls, Rottweilers or chows "goes against the business of no breed-specific legislation," Fox said.

The Change.org petition is addressed to Cove Mayor Frank Seffrood. “Let him know that innocent dogs deserve a chance at finding homes despite their breed,” the petition reads.

“With the city manager stepping down there is no better time than to change this policy,” is another statement in the petition.

The tentative plan is to present the petition at a future City Council meeting, although no date has been set.

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