Fog on Fort Hood Street

Killeen motorists on South Fort Hood Street were greeted with patches of heavy fog during this morning's commute.

Killeen motorists were greeted with patches of heavy fog during this morning's commute.

Here are tips from the Texas Department of Insurance when dealing with fog on the road:

Wait it out: If at all possible, don’t drive until the fog lifts – usually by late morning or afternoon.

Light the way: Use fog lights and low-beam headlights. Do not use high beams – they cause glare and make it harder to see the road ahead. Use the right edge of the road or roadside reflectors as a visual guide. Turn on your vehicle’s four-way flashers so it is easier for other vehicles to see you.

Go slowly: Fog makes the road wet. Reduce your speed and allow plenty of reaction time and stopping distance around you. Don’t forget to use your windshield wipers and defroster to maximize visibility.

Be alert: Fog can thicken without warning. Be ready for other vehicles’ emergency stops, and watch out for slow-moving and parked vehicles. Do not use cruise control in foggy conditions so you have better control of your vehicle.

Stay put: Don’t change lanes or pass other vehicles unnecessarily. If you change lanes, signal early. If you cannot see, pull completely off the road and park your vehicle, preferably at a rest area. Turn on only your hazard flashers and set the emergency brake.

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