Building, branding, budgeting and business.

Heights Lumber & Supply gave lessons in those subjects to young Lemonade Day entrepreneurs Saturday.

But first, inspiration:

In advance of the event, Luis Ocada from the company’s sales and purchasing department came up with a space-themed idea for one stand: Out of This World Lemonade. He spent about three weeks building a rocket-shaped stand that showed youngsters what can be done and was given in a drawing to one of the participants.

About 100 students spent two hours learning how to build, budget, paint and use safety equipment, said Kelly Eakin, family partner and sales manager, who coordinated the Heights Lumber event. The youngsters were taught skills to build their own stands and use them on Lemonade Day, which is held this year over two days, May 5-6. Heights Lumber also provided complimentary pallets and paint to participants that included youth from several area cities.

Lemonade Day is a free, community-wide program that is part of a national initiative to teach children, pre-kindergarten through high school, how to start, own and operate their own business – a lemonade stand, according to Amanda Sequeira, city director for Lemonade Day Fort Hood Area.

“Lemonade Day is proud to partner with Heights Lumber & Supply, a local family

owned business that celebrates entrepreneurship,” Sequeira said.

Heights Lumber set up five stations. At one station, the youngsters participated in a scavenger hunt through the lumber store to gather materials. Those with the lowest cost won. At another station, a group learned how to build a box for lemonade stand tips. There was a station for learning how to paint the box and another to learn about safety equipment through a relay race. One station had their food.

The Lemonade Day lessons cover everything from finding an investor to being a socially responsible citizen by choosing a charity with whom to share a portion of the lemonade stand profits.

“I’m really happy to do it for all the kids,” Eakin said. “We look forward to doing it in years to come, to keep this idea of Lemonade Day going.”

Some 15-20 employees and numerous volunteers participated in this year’s event at Heights Lumber, one of several events leading up to Lemonade Day.

Another lesson for student participants is: When they get their money - learn to spend, save and give back to the community.”

“We, being a family owned business, try to do things the same way,” Eakin said.

Heights Lumber & Supply, 602 West F.M. 2410, Harker Heights, has participated for five years and its involvement has grown every year, Eakin said.

For more information on Lemonade Day, contact Sequeira at 254-338-6224

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