Campaign finance disclosure forms submitted to the Killeen city government showed that Shirley Fleming, the incumbent city councilwoman for District 1 running for re-election on May 6, took in the highest amount of donations, and District 2 candidate Debbie Nash-King has the support of the Killeen Fire Fighter’s Association, a group that has lobbied the council.

The association is an organization that local firefighters pay dues to. In turn, the association represents Killeen firefighters at public meetings and elsewhere.

According to the forms released by the city Friday afternoon, Nash-King also reported a $500 contribution from former Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin — a move that raised eyebrows from her opponent and others.

For the Killeen school board candidates, there have been few campaign expenditures and even fewer contributions.

Thursday was the first deadline for candidates to report their contributions and expenditures in the City Secretary’s office. The second and final deadline is April 28.

Killeen City Council

Nash-King reported $1,675 in total political contributions. That includes a $175 donation from Ross Caviness, a $1,000 donation from the Killeen Professional Fire Fighters’ Association and the $500 from Corbin.

Nash-King last week said she returned the contribution to Corbin after a March 19 report in the Herald tied Corbin’s past campaign contributions to local developer Bruce Whitis and two sitting councilmen — Jim Kilpatrick and Juan Rivera — who fought to kill a $394,000 management audit of the city’s finances that was approved March 14. The management audit — or, as some have called, a “forensic” audit — was pushed by residents and outgoing District 2 Councilman Dick Young after the city’s finances were in a tailspin following revelations the city had an $8 million budget shortfall last year.

On Saturday, Nash-King said she does support the audit.

“I don’t know Mr. Corbin personally, but any money that was given to me was based on his professional relationship with my late husband,” Nash-King said.

Nash-King said the contribution was given to her husband, retired Command Sgt. Maj. Elijah King, before he died on March 12, and then given to her campaign treasurer. Nash-King said her treasurer gave the money back to avoid public backlash from accepting the contribution.

“I just want to run a clean campaign,” Nash-King said. “I’m not for sale and no one can buy me. If I had known about all this stuff, I wouldn’t’ have (accepted) it, and I hate that I did it.”

Nash-King’s only opponent in the District 2 race, Larry Smith, sent an email to Nash-King on Friday that accused her of receiving “several contributions amounting to thousands of dollars” that she later attempted to return after the sources of the contributions received negative publicity.

On Saturday, Smith stood by that comment but offered no proof, and Nash-King’s total reported donations total was less than $1,700, according to the city report.

Smith said he plans to file a complaint on the issue to the Texas Ethics Commission on Monday.

“As a former Army officer, ordained pastor and military spouse, you should have the integrity and fortitude to resist temptation and maintain your integrity,” Smith wrote in the email to Nash-King. “The people that are financing your campaign are actively involved in shutting down the forensic audit and in advancing the city’s financial liabilities towards developer projects OUTSIDE the jurisdiction of the city.”

Smith told the Herald Saturday that he didn’t believe Nash-King had reported all of her contributions. He could not, however, attribute that claim to a specific person.

Nash-King refuted those claims Saturday.

“He’s a liar,” she said.

Smith himself reported just one contribution from Clay Clifford, a city resident, in the amount of $200.

Prosperity Central Texas, the 2016 PAC managed by Corbin that has helped fund city candidates’ campaigns in the past was not seen on the finance reports released Friday. The report covered council campaign donations and expenditures from the January to the present.

The PAC is comprised of local business leaders and helps finance the campaigns of pro-business council members and state representatives, according to Corbin.

The entirety of the PAC’s funding came from local developer Bruce Whitis, according to Texas Ethics Commission documents.

The PAC helped finance the campaign of Councilman-at-large Juan Rivera during his 2016 campaign. Whitis also independently contributed to Kilpatrick’s campaign in 2015.

Fleming, an incumbent, reported $3,291.14 worth of contributions. Nearly $1,000 of those contributions came from donations of $50 or less. The most significant amount of money came from the Bell County Texas Democratic Women, who donated $500 on March 20. Jack Ralston contributed $250 to her campaign, as did Louie Minor Jr., a Bell County resident who has served as an election judge and run as a Democrat for Congress.

Neither of Fleming’s opponents in District 1 — Holly Teel and Kenny Wells — reported any contributions to their respective campaigns. Wells, however, did report over $13,000 in expenditures, the most out of any of the candidates.

Kilpatrick, who is running for re-election in the District 3 race, reported $1,200 worth of political contributions. The largest came from Corbin, in the amount of $500 on March 6. Residents Ed and Sandy Ferril donated $200 to his campaign on March 9, and the rest of his donations were either for $100 or less than $50.

Vantonio Fraley, a write-in candidate for District 3, reported $145 in political contributions, all less than $50 each. The Herald did not receive campaign finance documents for Patsy Bracey or Harold Butchart.

Ralph Cossey Jr., running against incumbent Brockley Moore in District 4, reported that all $1,200 of his contributions came in at $50 or less. He also said that $900 worth of his total expenditures were of $100 or less. Moore did not report any contributions, only $6,000 in expenditures. Other District 4 candidates Steve Harris and Stanley Abrahams reported no expenditures or contributions.

Killeen school board

The big spender for the first two months of the school board campaign was Place 5 candidate Robert “Bob” Snyder, who reported $1,493.21 in political expenditures, all spent on advertising. Snyder reported no contributions.

Place 5 candidate Gerald Dreher reported $1,078.67 in political expenditures on his disclosure form.

The entirety of Dreher’s expenditures covered advertising costs and were made from a personal credit card.

Dreher reported no contributions.

Place 5 hopeful Carlyle Walton was the only candidate to report contributions with a $500 payment from Ken Bradley, of Winter Park, Fla. Walton also reported a $590 contribution from himself.

Walton spent $626.01 from those contributions on advertising, with $563.99 left in the coffers.

Place 4 incumbent Marvin Rainwater submitted his disclosure form with no political expenditures or contributions listed.

Place 4 candidate Stephania Williams and Place 5 candidates Lonnie Farrow and Lan Carter did not submit disclosure forms. | 254-501-7567

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This is the actual Larry Smith; first off, I never advocated for the death of a community leader. Nope. I stated, after pointing out the bribing of local officials and manipulation of the housing market that the best thing for the financial success of the community of Killeen would be for that person to die.

You can be mad at me phrasing something like this but it is a far, far cry from advocating or calling for the death of someone. But let me ask am I wrong about my assessment?

As far as Ms. Nash-King is concerned she has come out with four versions of the story already. I am sure more are to follow. The fact that her issue with receiving money from corrupt sources did not occur until it was released in the Herald shows that she was not actually pure in her motives.

I am sorry for being correct in my assessments; I know it bothers a lot of people that their local heroes are corrupt pieces of crap but the truth hurts. My question to you DawgDave and UTfan...why have you not uncovered the same corruption?


@UT Fan. Had Ms Nash-King simply kept the money and reported it, the worse that could be said is her lack of discernment of whom wants to pull her strings. However, the coverup is usually worse than the original indiscretion. Do you want Killeen to continue to shell out tens of millions of dollars on projects to benefit a select few?? She took money from Corbin. She took money from a union (KFD). and she has her signs on real estate properties (David Bahr). If she wins, she will be another rubber stamp for these people. I do not think Killeen can afford another Kilpatrick or Rivera voter that will sink Killeen further in debt in order to benefit a select few.


@UTFAN. Dear sir, I can surmise from your use of words to defend Mrs. Nash and even to some degree, Mr. Dan Corbin, that you are a true supporter of Mrs. Nash. I compliment you on your dedication to her but, conversely, I have to point out my disappointment in regards to your question of KDH making it seem like taking money from Mr. Corbin is, "...unethical..." Dear sir, the reason that KDH comes off this way is this simple truth - Dan Corbin has proven himself to be, in my most humble opinion, to be as naturally corrupt as a weed stem that has taken ground in a bed of roses.
Just as people who are caught taking monies from those who gain their monies through means outside of the law, are considered accomplices to the alleged crimes committed, so does anyone who takes money from Mr. Corbin.
I will stop here but, let me give you some advice: when you support a candidate in a situation like this, please walk the line that gives praise and defends the nature of your choice. Bringing the alcohol"Dan Corbin" into the party only removes you intended goal to the back burner as people begin to remember things about Mr. Corbin that you are erroneously trying to inadvertently defend without the knowledge of further cracks you may have created in her campaign. Justify yours, not yours and the allegedly unjustifiable.

UT Fan

I don't believe for a minute that Debbie Nash-King tried to do anything unethical or sneaky during this campaign. She is as above-board as anyone, and the fact that she returned the money from Dan Corbin is a testament to that fact. Let us not forget that Larry Smith is the one who our folks should be extremely wary of supporting. He is the one, let us not forget, that took out an ad in the paper advocating for the DEATH of one of our community leaders. Seriously!!! Please DO NOT believe anything he says. As you can see, he provided no proof of anything, he just tries to stir the pot to make himself look better because he loses every race he enters into. Furthermore, why does the KDH make it "unethical" for Dan Corbin to donate to someone's campaign? They make it seem as if something sinister is afoot if someone on the council disagrees with the idea of an audit from an outside person costing the city nearly a half a million dollars. If I were on the council, I would oppose the audit, as I think our newly hired internal auditor can do that himself.


I was notified by an acquaintance who pointed me into the direction of a Facebook post by one of the candidates. Caught up in curiosity, my inquisitive side took over as I found myself going to the individual's page and reading their campaign posts. I found something somewhat interesting and, in the end, a little concerning.
I understand that each person has opponents and the expectations are that things are kep civil and clean but, this individual seems to be pushing the line between them both. I know there was a forum yesterday so, it seems this candidate is responding to it and including comments about all of his opponents and even others who are not running against him. I will warn you in advance, this is an original unedited copy of his post so, please prepare yourself for the hopefully accidental grammar.

"Brockley King Moore added 2 new photos.
1 hr ·
Share andShare Alike
GE Citizens and District 4 and City of Killeen
I would like clear this out the public. I am an open book. There are other who cannot say the same when come to women in leadership, unethical behavorial (hard to work with others), cannot work across race, gender, and religious beliefs. Watch out for candidates lies about their track records, how much budget experience they have, their flexability, and attendance excuses. I am the only candidate has been out in the community, public school campuses volunteering, supporting financial, and standing the gap for our children, teachers, and seniors. Make them show you proof of their work and get the contact. You will be suprise of their character and integrity. RE ELECT Brockley King Moore City of Killeen District 4/Mayor Pro Tem a positive track record.
Re Elect Brockley King Moore City of Killeen City of Killeen Councilman District 4/Mayor Pro Tem April 24, 2017 Early Voting May 6, 2017 Election Day".

As I struggled to interpret the content of this posting, I found his posting somewhat "random" and can see it as being offensive to some of the other candidates. His accusations range from interesting to serious. I am supposing he is his own campaign manager.


Wouldn't it be nice if the folks running for local council seats and or local school board seats were just that local people.
Wouldn't it be nice these same people told the complete story of what they plan to accomplish what they will work to improve and most important be honest truthful and speak with words that do not present a double meaning?
H'mm wouldn't it be nice?


Word got out that Debbie Nash-King took money from Corbin and knew she was going to get pounded for doing so. You can not run as an outsider while taking money from insiders such as Corbin and her group spent weeks trying to figure out how to give the money back without reporting it. This is not what this city needs: another yes man to the insiders, developers, and unions.


Nice try, Mr. Smith.


@DawgDave. I'm not Larry Smith if you are talking to me. I know this from someone close to her and someone that would know her situation.

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