Lunch and Learn

Melissa Merioles of the Greater Killeen Free Clinic gave a presentation on "Thrifting 101" as part of the clinic's free monthly Lunch and Learn series, held Thursday at the Killeen Arts and Activities Center.

One person's trash is another person's treasure.

When those treasures can be picked up at bargain prices, all the better.

That was just some of the useful information presented during the Lunch and Learn event sponsored by the Greater Killeen Free Clinic on Thursday.

Melissa Merioles, chronic care social worker with the clinic, gave the "Thrifting 101" presentation to an eager crowd.

"I've been thrifting most of my life," Merioles said. "About 90 percent of my wardrobe comes from thrift shops."

Merioles explained how it is possible to find high-end clothing brands at thrift shops, for half off the original cost or more. By being watchful, thrifters can also take advantage of half-off or 99 cent sales at area thrift stores.

There's the potential to make money off thrift shopping, too, Merioles said. She told the group how she purchased a pair of popular sandals for $4 at a thrift store, and sold them on Ebay for $75.

"I figured I could learn something," said Terri Oxley of Killeen as she ate her lunch during the presentation. "I've come here quite a few times. The topics are beneficial to the community."

Marlene DiLillo, director of the Greater Killeen Free Clinic, echoed that sentiment. "Many factors impact health. We try to offer classes that aren't offered elsewhere."

The Greater Killeen Free Clinic holds the Lunch and Learn series at noon on the second Thursday of each month at the Killeen Arts and Activities Center. Sandwich fixings, fruits and other sack lunch-type fare are available at no cost. Door prizes are awarded to those in attendance, as well.

Upcoming topics in the series include "Improving Your Financial Health" on February 8 and "Knowing Your Drugs" on March 8.

More information is available on the clinic's website:

254-501-7568 |

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Nice, I like this. This is something that benefits the whole city and the people.
WTG!! Keep up the great working in this!

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