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Framed on Bell County Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown’s office door is an article about Brown’s Dec. 21 public reprimand by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Brown said in a Facebook post that she is proud of the reprimand.

Deborah McKeon | FME News Service

KILLEEN — Bell County Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown says she will display her “scarlet letter” — a recent reprimand by the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

“I will wear my scarlet letter of public reprimand by placing it on the door of my office with pride,” Brown said Thursday on her Facebook page. “It is framed and matted with the color blue since out of 30 elected positions in Bell County I am the only Democrat.”

Brown talked with a Temple Daily Telegram reporter Friday about the Facebook post she made and the public reprimand she received on Dec. 21 from the judicial panel.

The reprimand listed multiple standards of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct and Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Brown violated by her conduct on the bench. The commission concluded overall that Brown didn’t comply with the law and maintain competence in the law.

The ruling, which cited reporting by the Temple Daily Telegram, indicated Brown was swayed by partisan interests, public opinion or fear of criticism that first manifested itself when she set a record-breaking $4 billion bond for a Killeen murder suspect just one month after being sworn into office. She also was admonished for setting the bond in her son’s DUI case.

While a justice of the peace must only have a high school diploma, Brown listed her “four years teacher college, two years masters degree and four years doctoral degree” in her Facebook post.

In several previous interviews, Brown talked about the brokenness of the legal system and expressed her desire to show how “ridiculous” it was to set bail too high for people to get out of jail.

A second Facebook post Brown wrote Friday clarified why she placed the news article on her door for everyone to see.

“It is in contrast to the other positives I have received as Principal, Commissioner, Social Work Supervisor, City Council Member and honorable status from more than 23,000 voters who helped me win this post as the first Black Democratic Bell County Justice of the Peace for Precinct Four, Place No. 1,” Brown wrote.

Brown visits justice

Brown talked about her visit with Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht shortly after the news broke that she set a record-setting $4 billion bond.

“When I visited Justice Hecht in his office, I asked if I was there so he could fire me as a justice of the peace,” Brown said. “He said I wasn’t and he actually agreed with me on many things.”

Hecht mentioned problems with the bond system and also the juvenile justice system.

“He (Hecht) even said he wished I could have helped him with a 10-page speech he had to write,” Brown said.

It is evident Brown takes pride in her past and present achievements, as she pointed out the wall plaques that recognized her previous contributions. She walked into her courtroom, where a photo of all the Bell County elected officials hung on one wall. Brown said she didn’t know all of them, but they were all members of a team.

“Even though some of them tried to get me out of office,” Brown said.

Some people claimed that she wanted to be elected just to help black people, Brown said.

“That wasn’t true. I’m here for everyone.”

Brown pointed to the black and white photographs hung on the walls of buildings and people in history that are important to her — the annex in Killeen where she works, the Texas and U.S. Capitols, Hecht, President Donald Trump, former President Barack Obama, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and others.

She talked about the importance of her faith in God, especially since she’s battling stage four stomach cancer.

Recent scans showed the cancer is in remission, Brown said.

One of her favorite passages is Psalm 139, which Brown said she memorized. The Psalm, which consists of 24 verses, talks about how well God knows us because He made us.

Verses 15 and 16 read, “My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

Brown was scheduled to perform a wedding Friday, and invited the reporter to stay. It was apparent from her smile and the lilt in her voice that weddings are joyful occasions for Brown, and she involved everyone in the ceremony.

What’s next?

Bell County Attorney Jim Nichols on Friday said he believes everyone’s reached the point where they’re satisfied with the commission’s sanctions, the continuing education and the monitoring by Bell County Justice of the Peace Bill Cooke.

Nichols was appointed in March by Judge Stephen Ables as the prosecutor of the case against Brown.

“I’m confident that if she (Brown) continues the education and seeks the advice of Judge Cooke when she has questions, we can certainly get past this and she can do a good job. But it’s entirely up to her,” Nichols said.

If everyone involved in the case is “on the same page,” Nichols said the case will most likely become a non-suit — the equivalent of a dismissal — in the near future.

One Bell County lawyer said it was clear Brown didn’t know what she was doing as a justice of the peace and tried to cover it up.

“As history repeatedly has taught us, the cover-up is always worse than the actual crime,” Jeff Parker said Thursday.

When asked about Brown’s posts on Facebook, Nichols was more reserved in his comments.

“I am hopeful the year the year could be more peaceful and quieter if everyone would pause for a few minutes and think before they tweet, post something on social media or say something,” Nichols said. “If they do that, things would be a lot better.”

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We don't need judges in our system who believe they alone can change the law simply by not following it. That's a dangerous road to be on no matter who you are or what side you are on.


In my opinion Claudia Brown has always flaunted the law, she thinks the rules and regulations are are not intended for her. The only time I have ever met Ms Brown was on the first day of early voting , at the Community Center in 2016. I was first in line , there were approximately 100 people behind me. At 7:45 A M Ms Brown approaches me at the head the line and hands me a brochure and ask me who I was going to vote for, when I said Trump she yanked the brochure out of my hand. At this time, I realized who this person is and told her she needs to get across the street, you are breaking the law canvassing for votes in the voting line you need to be 100 feet away from the polling location. I asked the 4 ladies standing behind me if they knew she was and they said no . I told then that was Claudia Brown the most crooked woman in Killeen and she is running for JP. By the time I reported this to the Election Judge , she had already left the area. I also reported her to the Bell County Election Judge and we decided not to press the issue. We saw what happened in the election, she rode the coattails of H C to get elected, the only Democrat in Bell County. She has demonstrated dishonesty , untrustworthy , and has a highly biased opinion before and after taking office. She needs to be Justice of the Peace for all the people in her Precinct and Bell County.


So once again the "good old boy" network is alive and well in Bell County. The fact that a sitting judge broke the rules governing judicial conduct and now flaunts her reprimand is disgusting, to say the least!
No illusions of impropriety here!
I know I'm not the only one who has lost all respect for the judicial system of Bell County. You're thick as thieves and have no business passing judgement on anybody!


I have always felt that when it comes to Judges, District Attorneys there should be no politics. The voters shouldn't know this either before or at the voting booth. Justice is supposed to be blind; not one eye open or looking towards their political party.

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