Claudia Brown

The Bell County Courthouse Annex is usually closed on the weekend. The doors will be open this Saturday, though.

Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown will hold an open house from 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday. The annex is at 301 Priest Drive in Killeen.

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She's not just a 'good' JP, she's a great JP! KIlleen is lucky to have someone of her caliber on the bench.......mac


I thought Open Houses were for meeting your child's new teacher or sponsored by a real estate salesperson to try and con you into buying a house?


LMAO, Another one of the local NAACP officers. She has failed at a simple job.
She is another one of the pretend public officials that should never have been put in place.
My main question is why after what all she has done, from outrageous bond settings, extreme low bond settings for gang bangers, and the most out and out corrupt act, by evening having the obtuse thought that it would be ok to deal with her sons own criminal case.
How many brush strokes will it take before any law enforcement agency deals with Killeen corruption steaming from the Black Supremacy hate groups that have flooded our city and in now corrupting the basic institutes of Law.
Our city and the home owners are being feed up on by these so called humans, at a high cost.
When will she be kicked out of office and place in Jail where she should have been.
If a white judge would have done any of this blatant behavior of racism and hate, or would have slightly violated ethic codes they would have been in jail asap.
Its time she is removed and the truth is told. The American people need to know the truth about her so she can not collect any more funding or sit in another office.
She has only taught one thing since she has sat upon this chair, and that is, Hate pays if your the right color. She has taught that its ok to break laws, cause you can get out of it for less then 14 dollars if your Black.
A full investigation needs to be done on her and the local NAACP and all those connected, just like they did in Florida and many other states.


Is there still a petition to get this incompetent clown out of office? She needs to go. Another "check collector" that's doing absolutely nothing for Killeen and lining her pockets!

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