KEMPNER — Around 25 customers of the Kempner Water Supply Corporation gathered at the group’s monthly board meeting Wednesday to protest concerns with water quality, health and a lack of information from the corporation.

The meeting came two days after the water corporation pulled a video from its Facebook page as residents accused the company of making light of customers’ concerns about the quality of their water.

Kempner WSC protest

Edith Harrison tells of her personal issues with the water quality Wednesday, July 19, 2017, in Kempner.

In a Facebook post Monday afternoon, Kempner WSC’s board of directors apologized for the video showing staff and management drinking glasses of the company’s water and smiling to the camera.

“The intent of the posting was not to be condescending nor to devalue the concerns of our Member/Owners but was merely to illustrate that the employees trust in the quality and safety of our water,” the post said. “Once again, the Board, Management, and Employees offer our sincerest apologies to anyone that took offense to this video.”

Kempner WSC General Manager Delores Atkinson, who was shown in the video, told the Herald she was asked by the board of directors to be on camera drinking the water. She deferred further comments to the company’s Facebook page post.

At the board meeting, residents highlighted a lack of accessible information on boil water ordinances and failed tests in 2016 for trihalomethanes, a natural byproduct of chlorine treatment linked to an increased risk of cancer in animal test subjects, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Kempner WSC protest

Deborra Rolan tells of her personal issues with the water quality Wednesday in Kempner. | 254-501-7567

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Kempner Water Supply Corp's members have a petition going to help ensure clean, clear, and healthy water by asking the board of directors to replace management:


Nothing screams transparency like shutting down your members that have legitimate points, during your board meeting, and letting the obvious plant in front row ramble on about how absolutely amazing the water is, despite the fact that it's yellow/brown, laden with cancerous trihalomethanes, tastes awful, and is way overpriced! You have an online alert system, active Facebook page, and website, but you can't ever get your public notices out by the deadline, let alone in a timely manner?


The Board and employees at Kempner Water think this is a big joke and don't take our concerns seriously. What they did was totally wrong. In my personal opinion, everyone that was involved in that post should be terminated or have them resign. Water quality is not a joke.

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