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The Killeen City Council approved on Tuesday a request to rezone 42.3 acres in the Rosewood neighborhood.

The 5-2 vote came after a public hearing on the rezoning that lasted more than one hour. Council members Shirley Fleming and Steve Harris voted in opposition.

Businessman Jim Wright told council members he spoke with concerned residents 24 hours prior to the meeting and after consideration, adjusted the preliminary plans to include reducing the number of lots dedicated for duplexes from 27 to 14.

“SS Springs has spent a lot of time, energy and resources trying to resolve any issues that were brought to our attention when we first started the process of a mixed use development in Rosewood,” Wright said. “Last night, I had a discussion with a resident in Deerwood and we went over the concerns that neighbors had with our development,” Wright said.

Wright, along with six other property owners, are part of SS Springs, LLC, which along with Abbott Springs Limited is attempting to rezone 42.3 acres from a local business district to a planned unit development, or PUD.

The development is near the western boundary of Harker Heights, adjacent to the Deerwood Estates and Birmingham Circle.

According to the developers’ preliminary plans, businesses would front Rosewood; behind that would be a gated community of homes.

As it is envisioned, the development will include various residential zoning, amenities, some commercial zoning and a community center for a planned gated community.

Pricing of the properties was not available, as the information will be disclosed in the next phase of construction, Wright previously stated to the Herald.

District 2 Councilwoman Debbie Nash-King thanked Wright and his representatives for listening to residents’ concerns and inquired about drainage and traffic.

Pedro Quintero of Quintero Engineering, L.C. assured Nash-King that the development will not disturb the flood plains.

Another mention was that the development for both the gated and non-gated housing will be managed by a homeowners association.

Councilman-at-large Juan Rivera said that it would be a great idea and more neighborhoods should have an HOA.

Mayor Jose Segarra agreed with Rivera.

Gregrory Johnson, councilman-at-large, commended the design and the revisions SS Springs put in to compromise with Rosewood residents. Johnson did, however, suggest that the sidewalks be closer to the streets, “which would give the homeowner a larger front yard.”

District 4 Councilman Steve Harris said his concerns were with traffic flow and if the HOA can fully manage the proposed residential areas, community center and dog parks.

Quintero assured that the HOA will be fully capable — including financially —to handle any situation and a traffic impact analysis would be conducted.

District 1 Councilwoman Shirley Fleming said she voted against the rezoning as she didn’t agree with how things were handled in a previous meeting between Nash-King and developers.

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Kilpatrick said he doesn’t see the proposed development as being in any violation with the modifications.

Councilman-at-large Butch Menking said he believes the proposed Rosewood area has “hit all the areas that I think we can to accommodate as much people as possible.”

After the meeting, Wright said he was satisfied with the vote.

“We got five out of seven,” he said.

Prior to the regular council meeting, four council incumbents — Fleming, Kilpatrick, Nash-King and Harris — were sworn-in to another two-year term in office after being re-elected on May 4.

Council members then unanimously voted to re-elect Kilpatrick as mayor pro tem.

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This is going to be a traffic nightmare just like the cut through in killeen near trimmier. Duplexes have been built there almost been hit twice from tenants attempting to back out of driveway into traffic these council members always accomodate builder's. They have never said no to anyone because in my opinion they get something out. of the deal. Lets see what they do on the 21 with the other deal to build houses in. Flight plan area since KISD has already commited to put a school in the area. Such crooked and under handed deals..

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