The Killeen City Council discussed proposed cuts to the 2018 city police and fire department budgets during a special workshop Tuesday as part of the council’s lead-up to approving the final budget in September.

On Aug. 1, City Manager Ron Olson presented the first half of the city’s proposed general fund budget, which includes city administration, parks and recreation and public safety departments.

The city’s total budget includes the general fund, enterprise — or moneymaking — funds, and debt service and internal service funds.

Continuing the presentation Tuesday, interim police Chief Margaret Young highlighted a proposed cut of 20 vacant commissioned officer positions in the police department as well as three vacant noncommissioned positions and two vacant animal services positions.

The city’s proposed total budget is $180.49 million. The city’s proposed general fund budget is $82.13 million.

The police cuts come amid a planned reorganization initiative that would cut the department’s divisions from five to four and redirect more officers to the city’s patrol division while streamlining the force’s Criminal Investigations Division.

Young, who will be succeeded by newly minted police Chief Charles “Chuck” Kimble on Sept. 1, said the reorganization efforts will provide more officers to patrol as well as decrease response times and reduce the number of emergency calls per officer on duty.

However, the move could have what Young called a “slowing impact” on criminal investigations in the city, with the 20 vacancy cuts limiting the department’s ability to expand over the next fiscal year. With the cuts, the department will still have an additional 12 officer vacancies.

“It’s my hope and intention to fill those 12 vacancies this year,” Olson said.

Further budget cuts in the department would cap overtime allocations at $1 million for fiscal year 2018 — about $200,000 lower than the department’s average annual needs, Young said.

In the fire department, fire Chief Brian Brank presented a budget to the council that keeps in place the controversial “tiered-overtime reduction plan” that caused resident outcries earlier this year. The plan would save around $390,000 of overtime expenses from the fiscal year 2017 budget and could prevent up to 96 hours of overtime per day.

Despite resident worries, Brank said the move did not alter the department’s service ability or jeopardize its fire safety insurance rating.

“These units (affected by the plan) are still functional, and they can still do the job with this plan in place,” Brank said. “I don’t believe it’s controversial, and it’s fiscally responsible.”

The department’s overall cuts would lower its 2018 budget to $20.79 million — or more than $2 million less than budgeted in fiscal year 2017.

During the workshop, the council was also briefed on the city’s parks and recreation, finance, and planning and development departments as well as the solid waste and water-sewer funds. | 254-501-7567

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Pharon Enochs

The follow comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs Let me see now within the last six months the police department has been reorganized g andnization for the second the several years we cannot d too much civic actives due to a lack of patrol officers. We cannot afford to support the Christmas Toy Run due to a lack of patrol units. Where was Baldwin when these changes could have and should have been made? During his time at the helm some specialized units were developed which apparently were not effective otherwise the crime rate would not have exploded. It is amazing now there will be more patrol units in spite of a large number of open positions. So now when these changes are made the department will have more chiefs and less braves similar to what occurred when the PS0 program was disbanded. Apparently there were problems with grant programs when Baldwin was chief as well . Baldwin was asked to stay on by the city manager while Farris will "retire". Oh well SMH God bless America, President Trump and John Wayne wherever he may be.


You know what I agree the trash collectors do deserve a pay raise, honestly a trash man deserves the same salary as the new Chief of Police. I am sure many of our trash man in the area have over 20 or 30 years experience in the business, not just only 4 mos and then runaway from a job. To me those that collect my trash are wicked awesome. They have a truly hard job and their job is just as risky as any police officers. If you think about, they have to worry about needles, human waste, germs that is just the start of the things that a garbage man has to deal with. Beside lose dogs, cars zooming past at speeds that are ungodly. Oh lets not forget the damage that is done to their nose from the smell. So yeah I would vote to raise their pay to 190k I think that is about right. I am sure many garbage men feel they deserve that as well. Oh how about all those at the human society, hmm I think they all should make at lest 200k they put their lives in danger more then anyone, they get very little training in animal behavior and then they are sent out not only to deal with the animals they have to deal with some of these crazy animal owners.


For years, the police department has wasted taxpayer dollars for raises and equipment that it said it needed but really didn't.

Now's the time that the force takes a step back, clean up it's mismanagement and corruption within, and let the rest of the city get some funding so that they can better provide other services that they have not been able to do because it's been the Police and Fire pony show.

With some police still wasting time on the clock by sitting behind building hiding the fact that they are either on their laptops or cellphones playing games while having the "I don't get paid enough to care" attitude and still thinking about what they need to do to either pass the next promotion exam or find another city willing to pay more.

The honest people on the force will tell you that there is a ton of cuts that can happen in order to make the force a leaner and more productive unit that truly cares about the community instead of only caring about raises or sitting at a desk doing nothing instead of patrolling the community like REAL officers are suppose to do.

The worst representatives of the force are the ones who sit at the counter of PD and "cop" the attitude that they are too bothered by people coming in with problems that the officer really doesn't feel like resolving. People expect an officer with top notch customer service training and not someone who oozes the attitude that that really don't want to do anything at the desk but waste time until their shift is over.

An Officer's duty is to resolve problems in the community, not drool about his/her next chance to "play" at Quantico at the taxpayer's expense.

Meatheaded gun nuts are the LAST thing we need on the force and in this town that is more diverse than much of America. So we need a police who are better trained in CUSTOMER SERVICE and PROBLEM RESOLUTION than on how to dream to be on the swat team and spending every waking moment shooting off guns and getting testosterone highs off their latest toys.

We've coddled KPD for far too long.

How about we put the trash guys or water guys on a pedestal for while and feel appreciated the hard work they put in to make sure the city looks nice and has the infrastructure it needs to function properly.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@Pharon Enochs: @Timebandid: @eyewatchingu: Very good and informative comments. I just wish that some of our council had taken the time to do a little homework, they would have been saying the same thing.

Now as to eyewatchingu: As noted, the median salary is $96,530 yo $108, 431 with a median salary of $102,226. Well you can almost double, or triple the cost for a California salary range when compared to Killeen. Everything cost more in California. But you take the median salary of $102,226 and compare that with the salary was drawing at his last position, almost $85,000, and you can figure if he was offered a .15 percent wage increase, that would be around $97,750, not the $129 thousand and change. That would be the top wage that I would have offered him. But many of the city management/administrative circle feel we have to offer the moon and beyond. That's where I personally feel the city council should pick themselves up off the floor and say 'NO', we're not going to offer anyone that kind of money, and mean it.
You take this city management/administrative group, they always 'overpay' regardless of what the position is.
I am of the personal opinion that this administrative group has made a shambles of the audit, among other things. They didn't want anyone to find out 'where the millions upon millions of dollars went', and as such, they purposefully and deliberately saw to it that there was delay after delay, changing of the scope of the audit, did not do an adequate job on the contract itself. I say this as I am of the opinion that to make a deliberate contract, you must say what the particulars are, what the start and endpoint is, what the start date and end date with penalties imposed, and what the scope is with all of the necessary paperwork in front of the contractor. You don't shred documents that 'might be pertinent to the audit in question. And in my opinion, you don't start another audit until you have completed this one now pending before this council and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, of the citizen's money in doing so.
As to the question of 'how many times are you going to have your fingers in the pie, first Baldwin, the Olsen, and perhaps the new Chief of Police, Kimble. Where is it to all end.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

eyewatchingu @Alvin wow look at the price tag this city is getting Milked for by all these groups.
If adopted as recommended, Miami-Dade's new panel, tentatively named the "Independent Community Panel" (ICP), would instead be staffed almost solely by police-watchdog organizations and groups representing communities unfairly targeted by cops, such as Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.
Nine of the 13 members would be staffed from:
The ACLU's Greater Miami chapter
The NAACP's Miami Chapter
The Spanish-American League Against Discrimination
The Florida Immigrant Coalition
The National Alliance on Mental Illness
The Miami Coalition of Christians and Jews
The Miami Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations
Equality Florida
Fanm Ayisyen nan Miyama (Haitian Women of Miami)
In addition, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives and the Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police would be given a spot to appoint a ICP member. Another member would be appointed from an as-yet undetermined "youth leadership organization," and then the ICP's members would appoint a 13th "at-large" member. Members would not have to be part of the organizations but would just be recommended by those groups. The report recommends the new ICP be staffed with six individuals, including an investigator, and be given an initial budget of $750,000 per year.


The median annual Sheriff/Police Chief salary is $102,226, as of August 03, 2017, with a range usually between $96,530-$108,431, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.
List of cities with the population of same population as Killeen Tx.
185 Pasadena
142,059 137,122 +3.60% 23.0 sq mi 59.6 km2 5,970/sq mi 2,310/km2 34°09′38″N 118°08′23″W34.1606°N 118.1396°W

194 Hampton[16]
135,410 137,436 −1.47% 51.4 sq mi 133.1 km2 2,673/sq mi 1,032/km2 37°02′53″N 76°17′50″W37.0480°N 76.2971°W

181 Mesquite
143,736 139,824 +2.80% 46.0 sq mi 119.1 km2 3,038/sq mi 1,173/km2 32°45′50″N 96°35′33″W32.7639°N 96.5924°W

163 Alexandria[16]
155,810 139,966 +11.32% 15.0 sq mi 38.8 km2 9,314/sq mi 3,596/km2 38°49′06″N 77°04′55″W38.8183°N 77.0820°W

167 Sunnyvale
152,771 140,081 +9.06% 22.0 sq mi 57.0 km2 6,371/sq mi 2,460/km2 37°23′09″N 122°01′35″W37.3858°N 122.0263°W

170 Hollywood
151,998 140,768 +7.98% 27.4 sq mi 71.0 km2 5,144/sq mi 1,986/km2 26°01′52″N 80°09′53″W26.0311°N 80.1646°W

189 Dayton
140,489 141,527 −0.73% 55.7 sq mi 144.3 km2 2,543/sq mi 982/km2 39°46′39″N 84°11′59″W39.7774°N 84.1996°W

177 Naperville
147,122 141,853 +3.71% 38.8 sq mi 100.5 km2 3,659/sq mi 1,413/km2 41°44′57″N 88°09′43″W41.7492°N 88.1620°W

164 Lakewood
154,393 142,980 +7.98% 42.9 sq mi 111.1 km2 3,334/sq mi 1,287/km2 39°41′56″N 105°07′03″W39.6989°N 105.1176°W

172 Escondido
151,613 143,911 +5.35% 36.8 sq mi 95.3 km2 3,909/sq mi 1,509/km2 33°08′01″N 117°04′24″W33.1336°N 117.0732°W

155 Fort Collins
164,207 143,986 +14.04% 54.3 sq mi 140.6 km2 2,653/sq mi 1,024/km2 40°32′54″N 105°03′53″W40.5482°N 105.0648°W

160 Hayward
158,937 144,186 +10.23% 45.3 sq mi 117.3 km2 3,181/sq mi 1,228/km2 37°37′41″N 122°06′23″W37.6281°N 122.1063°W

180 Bridgeport
145,936 144,229 +1.18% 16.0 sq mi 41.4 km2 9,029/sq mi 3,486/km2 41°11′15″N 73°11′45″W41.1874°N 73.1957°W

183 Syracuse
New York
143,378 145,170 −1.23% 25.0 sq mi 64.7 km2 5,797/sq mi 2,238/km2 43°02′28″N 76°08′37″W43.0410°N 76.1436°W

176 Torrance
147,195 145,438 +1.21% 20.5 sq mi 53.1 km2 7,102/sq mi 2,742/km2 33°50′06″N 118°20′29″W33.8350°N 118.3414°W

171 Kansas City[27]
151,709 145,786 +4.06% 124.8 sq mi 323.2 km2 1,168/sq mi 451/km2 39°07′21″N 94°44′30″W39.1225°N 94.7418°W

178 Paterson
New Jersey
147,000 146,199 +0.55% 8.4 sq mi 21.8 km2 17,346/sq mi 6,697/km2 40°54′53″N 74°09′46″W40.9147°N 74.1628°W

174 Joliet
148,262 147,433 +0.56% 62.1 sq mi 160.8 km2 2,374/sq mi 917/km2 41°31′05″N 88°09′30″W41.5181°N 88.1584°W

166 Pasadena
153,351 149,043 +2.89% 42.8 sq mi 110.9 km2 3,485/sq mi 1,346/km2 29°39′30″N 95°09′02″W29.6583°N 95.1505°W

169 Pomona
152,494 149,058 +2.31% 23.0 sq mi 59.6 km2 6,494/sq mi 2,507/km2 34°03′31″N 117°45′41″W34.0586°N 117.7613°W

162 Salinas
157,218 150,441 +4.50% 23.2 sq mi 60.1 km2 6,490/sq mi 2,510/km2 36°41′25″N 121°38′01″W36.6902°N 121.6337°W

153 Corona
166,785 152,374 +9.46% 38.8 sq mi 100.5 km2 3,925/sq mi 1,515/km2 33°51′45″N 117°33′50″W33.8624°N 117.5639°W

161 Palmdale
157,356 152,750 +3.02% 106.0 sq mi 274.5 km2 1,442/sq mi 557/km2 34°35′29″N 118°06′32″W34.5913°N 118.1090°W

175 Rockford
147,651 152,871 −3.41% 61.1 sq mi 158.2 km2 2,503/sq mi 966/km2 42°15′48″N 89°03′46″W42.2634°N 89.0628°W

148 Elk Grove
169,743 153,015 +10.93% 42.2 sq mi 109.3 km2 3,627/sq mi 1,400/km2 38°24′52″N 121°23′06″W38.4144°N 121.3849°W

165 Springfield
154,074 153,060 +0.66% 31.9 sq mi 82.6 km2 4,803/sq mi 1,854/km2 42°06′56″N 72°32′24″W42.1155°N 72.5400°W

145 Sioux Falls
South Dakota
174,360 153,888 +13.30% 73.0 sq mi 189.1 km2 2,109/sq mi 814/km2 43°32′18″N 96°43′55″W43.5383°N 96.7320°W

150 Pembroke Pines
168,587 154,019 +9.46% 33.1 sq mi 85.7 km2 4,672/sq mi 1,804/km2 26°01′16″N 80°20′25″W26.0212°N 80.3404°W

156 Peoria
164,173 154,065 +6.56% 174.4 sq mi 451.7 km2 883/sq mi 341/km2 33°47′16″N 112°18′40″W33.7877°N 112.3111°W

136 Cape Coral
179,804 154,305 +16.53% 105.7 sq mi 273.8 km2 1,460/sq mi 560/km2 26°38′35″N 81°59′50″W26.6431°N 81.9973°W

151 Salem
167,419 154,637 +8.27% 47.9 sq mi 124.1 km2 3,229/sq mi 1,247/km2 44°55′25″N 123°01′23″W44.9237°N 123.0231°W

154 Eugene
166,575 156,185 +6.65% 43.7 sq mi 113.2 km2 3,572/sq mi 1,379/km2 44°03′24″N 123°06′58″W44.0567°N 123.1162°W

159 Lancaster
160,106 156,633 +2.22% 94.3 sq mi 244.2 km2 1,661/sq mi 641/km2 34°41′37″N 118°10′31″W34.6936°N 118.1753°W

152 Springfield
167,319 159,498 +4.90% 81.7 sq mi 211.6 km2 1,952/sq mi 754/km2 37°11′39″N 93°17′29″W37.1942°N 93.2913°

Now if you go and look up each one of those cities and compare, then ask yourself why and how some of them are making close to 200 and higher. Then look closely at what groups these chiefs of police belong to. Then ask yourself how long will we allow our cities to be drained financially. While crime rate goes up, good home owners loseing homes due to crime, and property thief lowing the value of homes, and making some areas of town hard to sell your home. Now that they are cutting positions, actually look at the ones they are cutting, then look at the programs funded by Fleming and others sitting on city council. This is being done, to make crime rate look as if it has gone down, by limiting the number of reports taken and making sure that any and all reports and arrest are okayed by certain stockholder/council members/orginaztion and Judges already sitting on the bench locally. This is all part of the Democrat and Naacp and other groups to lower the bonds for certain groups, and lower the crime rate to fit their agenda for political gain. This is not done to help the city or citizens of any race, creed or sexual preference, it is just away to promote and build photo ops, to further theses peoples illegal agendas of interfering in local elections on up.


It is my belief that the Police and Fire Dept. have been over-funded for years. These two entities currently encompass 65% of the city's operating budget. I'm glad to see that someone other than myself deems this excessive. Even with the proposed cuts they are still going to consume 60% of total expenditures. The city council has been too free with money to these two departments, especially the police dept. while simply rubber-stamping any and all requests for additional spending. Throwing more money at a problem most often does not remedy it. Hopefully, with a new Police Chief, there will be changes made that will reduce the crime rate while remaining in budget. Overtime should be limited, as much as possible. This excessive overtime costs is often a reflection of poor management and, in this case, a lack of concern for tax dollars. City officials need to evaluate the percentage of tax dollars being spent in other cities of like size and seek to get our police and fire department budget in line with those. Its time to ask the tough questions. Do we need a fully staffed canine unit? Do we need a SWAT team? We are not Houston, Dallas or Austin and can't compete with their way of doing things. I see these reductions as a step in the right direction.

Pharon Enochs

The following comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs Reorganize the police department what a noble idea! When Baldwin took over as city manager he reorganized the police department by moving people around as well as some department records which at last report the location of the records is unknown. The department needed revamped long ago. There are positions which are not needed. I believe there are still sergeants in the police department who were part of the disbanded PSO units. What are their roles and do they have job descriptions ? The lieutenants who are Assistant Division Commanders are they really needed? Do they have job descriptions? Will the position of Chief of Staff remain or will it go? I think is should never have been created. Now here is a the real question Baldwin made changes at city hall when he took over. Many of these changes were overturned when a real city manager took over. Will the police department personnel have to undergo more changes when the new chief takes the helm? So much turmoil in such a short amount of time affects morale , office safety as well as the effectiveness of the overall stability of the department. Looks like any planning the new police police was going to be expected to do to make the department operate the way he proposed it would in the meet and greet might have to be put on hold . I would not be overly happy if I was the incoming chief charged with certain responsibilities by the city manager and with ideas to fulfill these responsibilities, whole sell changes are being made before I walk in the door. My first impression would be not to even walk in the door. These changes could have and should have been done long ago and I am convinced the police department and the city would have been better off in the long run. In my opinion all these specialized units did was to take man power away from the heart and soul of a police department the patrol officers. With these in my opinion, unneeded positions caused the patrol division to run short of manpower hence you set up an path to excessive overtime. Many of these units has overlapping job functions , a waste of time and effort. I really think creation of these units were a political move in some ways to attempt to enhance one's status. Good luck to the new chief , I am quite sure he is going to need it. Looks to me like someone has tried to do his job for him and are trying to make up for lost opportunities and an effort to save face which in some form or fashion indicates they could not do the job very well previously. God bless America, President Trump, and John Wayne wherever he may be.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@ Cherbear: It seems to me that your statement of the whole town burning to the ground 'is not a credulous statement'.

I am of the opinion that something has to be done about the cost of police and fire department expenditures. But I question the fact that the fire department and the police department still has what I consider to be 'an excessive amount of scheduled overtime hours. To me, a company or a department within a city does not schedule overtime. But I grant you, this city has made it a practice of the scheduling of overtime in such extremes as to make it a common practice.

I agree with you in that normal practice would be to fund the police and fire department to assure the two departments are fully covered, but that just does not seem to fit the bill.

The, what I deem as unnecessary funding for scheduled over-time hours, does not warrant, and yes, even cutting/paring the 'scheduled overtime from 1.2 to 1 million dollars. In my opinion, that is not enough. Forecast for normal hours then as the need to schedule over-time arises, track whose shifts are in need of the over-time, and log it.

I do not see the need for the 'additional staff', especially when has been determined that the staff requirements can be operated under reduced personnel. Why was that not noted before????
Is this reduction going to be detrimental in light of 'requesting additional funds, in the millions of dollars???? If so, I'll bring up the old proverbial question, 'Where is this money going to come from????

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


Well sure just let the whole city burn to the ground. Literally and figuratively. And just hand the keys to the criminals while at it. Fire and police should be the very last things to be cut.

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