The Killeen City Council will consider calling for a May 5 City Charter election Tuesday that will add two amendments clarifying financial transaction responsibility and capital improvement project budgeting.

The first amendment would clarify approval for interfund, interdepartmental and intradepartmental financial transfers. The City Council currently holds final authority over moving money between city funds and between departments within a fund. The new amendment would maintain council authority over interfund transfers — for example, the $1.67 million transfer of unallocated money from the solid waste fund to the general fund in January 2016 — and give City Manager Ron Olson final authority to approve transfers between departments in a fiscal year.

The Killeen Director of Finance, currently Jonathan Locke, would have authority over transfers of funds within departments.

The city said Tuesday it is working on a public information plan for the two amendments, which must receive a majority vote from voters for ratification.

The council will also consider calling for at-large City Council and mayoral elections on May 5.

The council will have three at-large seats up for election, currently held by Councilmen Jonathan Okray, Juan Rivera and Gregory Johnson. The only seat guaranteed to see a new face is that held by Okray, who will be terming out of the council after six years.

On Thursday, Rivera, 67, announced his re-election bid, joining eight other candidates who have announced so far.

The other candidates for the at-large seats include: Patsy Bracey, 72; Bruce Bynum, 50; Den’Mica Eugene, 42; Leo Gukeisen, 52; Tolly James Jr., 49; Hugh “Butch” Menking, 57; Brockley Moore, 50; and Placidio J. Rivera, 53.

The mayoral seat will also be up for election May 5. The candidates who have filed so far include incumbent Jose Segarra, 53; Arturo Cortez, 65; and Holly Teel, 47.

The filing period closes Feb. 16 for regular candidates and Feb. 20 for write-ins.

Early voting for the May 5 ballot opens April 23 and ends May 1.

The council meeting will begin at 5 p.m. at City Hall, 101 N. College St.

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This is the personal opinion of this writer.
In my opinion, the city charter which is operated in a city manager/city council form of government has been lost by changes through the years to a more significant change that allows for the city manager/city directorship to have control of these city services while diminishing council control over the leadership of this city.
Why do we want to allow the city manager to have more control over the operation of this city and the directors of this city???? It would seem to me that the more control you have by a single city administrator the greater chance, in each case, of misuse of power by that individual. This in turn can be said for the centralization of power in any single person or entity.
The old saying still, I believe, holds true: 'centralized power corrupts completely'.
It is my opinion that this arrangement of a city manager/city council is still the best arrangement for control of this city wherein the city manager is responsible for the daily operation of this city government through the augmentation of a city council.
Once a budget is put forth and the city council votes in the affirmative to authorize the funding of this budget, no single individual can authorize any inter or intra transfer of monies from one department to another department without going before the city council, in open session, to request such a transfer. It is then up to the city council to authorize and approve such movement of money.
I will vote 'No' on such a move.
This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

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