The Killeen City Council will discuss accepting a grant to outfit Killeen police officers with rifle-resistant body armor at its special workshop session today.

The city of Killeen applied and was approved for a newly-minted body armor grant program approved by the Texas Legislature following the ambush-style killing of five police officers during a protest in downtown Dallas in July 2016.

According to an email from KPD Cmdr. Alex Gearhart to Killeen City Manager Ron Olson on Aug. 4, the department has noted an increase in violent crime involving rifles in Killeen.

“Current armor leaves a gap in the protection we are providing to our officers who must respond to these threats,” Gearhart wrote.

The grant will provide $127,350 in body armor plating and plate carriers with no local match.

The equipment has a five-year warranty and replacement period with the state before the grant expires.

The city estimated the cost to replace the armor plates alone at the end of the program will be $81,675.

The city said it would seek to budget funds for replacements or pursue other grant opportunities.

At a regular meeting preceding the workshop, the council will vote on a measure amending the city’s transportation ordinance governing ground transportation franchises and operating authorities.

The council reached a consensus at its workshop last week to scale back the city’s taxi and limo regulations to match recently approved state rules governing ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft.

Deputy City Attorney Traci Briggs presented a severely stripped-down draft ordinance to the council for transportation franchises and operating authorities that end requirements for city inspections, add two years to franchise agreement lengths and bring driver background checks in line with state rules.

The council’s meeting will begin at 5 p.m. at City Hall, 101 N. College St.

The special workshop will immediately follow the meeting at the Utilities Collection Building, 210 W. Avenue C.

Today, the council will also:

  • Vote on a resolution refinancing up to $40,115,000 in outstanding obligation bonds to save the city at least $2.2 million over the life of the bonds, according to a memorandum. The maximum maturity date is Aug. 1, 2036, and there will be no extension in the term or size of the debt, the memo said.

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This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@eyewatchingu: es it is a simple answer, but one that you nor eye can solve. It's the same question that is asked about why we can't do anything that says a council person must reside in that district which results in a couple of hundred people from each district that decides what this town is going to do, and I revert back to calling this a town instead of a city, because it is being ran like a small town that only has a budget of say $10,000 dollars instead of one that encompasses hundreds of millions. Take a look at what this town owes through bond issues, something to the tune of, and I might not be correct in this, but $270 million dollars that they keep down playing what this owes, but keep 'adding to the misery of this town.

I think the reason is 'if you keep the numbers low and say that 'you are within the budget', it makes the townspeople think 'who this manager knows his stuff, but in reality he is struggling with a wet noodle and calling it a rope. Don't forget, he is the one right after taking office that assured the general public 'that there was nothing that could be done about the contracts for the new city water plants'. We were just supposed to 'grin and bear it'. Well I think that there should be something that can be done about it, we can contest it, but nobody wants to 'make a wave'. Well I have been 'making waves ever since the fiasco about the $750,000 dollar gift that this council, in total secrecy, gave to Mr. Green, and it has continued on ever since.

Look at the KEDC organization that was formed in 1990 and took control of the city council and it has been in control ever since. You have a council that can control everything this city does with a 4 vote simple majority quorum and they have able to control that.

What I am after is one of two things; either the city council members and the sitting mayor who are on the board of Directors be disqualified from any vote pertaining to any thing that pertains to the KEDC, or as the city manager announced, have a super majority of 6 out of the 7 council members to reach any accord, and it should be voted on by the simple majority that is present now. That would tell you 'who is actually running this city.

We can't even get the KEDC/city council to conduct an 'open session' vote of the city council on whether or not the KEDC can in fact operate in accordance with the opinions of the 100 plus that showed up at a forum and said that 'they did not want this facility in their back yards. So does the citizens of this city have the option to acquaint themselves with what is to done or does the KEDC control what is going to be done without even a vote of this council???? What about the 'transparency of this city council when a large majority of the council sessions are 'behind closed door, in total secrecy'.

And I will say to you that in regard to the NAACP, I believe it to be a subversive organization that is racist in origin, but I will also say that I do not hold with the usurpation of any one in regard to their race or origin, but that does not give any particular group of people the right to supplant any other group of people. I regard to the self effacing language about the Confederacy, I do not agree with the interpretation that is presented today. That is why I have written in regard to history, you need to take a look at what's being put asunder today.

And it goes on and on.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


I agree with you, I was brought up and raised to see everyone as an American first. I was not raised up to stand in front of a mirror and see my elf as a color. Nor were my friends.
Yes our city is being ran like a small town, and that is a lot of the problem.
See, I want all meetings open to the public, I want every human/citizens that comes to a meeting to be heard. Not shut down as soon as they voice something a sitting council member or mayor don't agree. See what our elected official have failed to grasp, is they Represent us and are only a voice for the people. Not one of them understand what ethics are, instead they are all out for their own personal gain. They have ruled liked kings and have forgotten they are in AMERICA. I agree that the votes are set wrong and needs to be changed. As they have set a system that only benefits themselves.
I leave pretty darn close to where that Planet is being built, and that is why I keep talking about the 211 regulation. Even Shine himself can't change that law and most fall under that law. It is a Taxes state regulation and well Shine has no power over it. Fleming dropped the ball, she spent to much time standing in front of her mirror and having her extensions put in , instead of doing her job. She let everyone down when she sold her self for votes.
Well now Fleming cant stand up in front of the KDHnews City council election forum and beg for votes, and I loosely quote her, " please, please vote for me". She as many others have now cost themselves re-elections and a future in politics.
As I have said Alvin, we need to vote them all out before the Mayors race. It is time to clean house.
We also need someone to run against Shine, that will stand toe to toe and not sell out for a price.

I think all humans have a chance, all humans can achieve greatness, once humans stop looking at their body and look more at their brains.
I love all humans, what I do not like is this hate that is being shoved down Americans. If our schools taught the truth then we could heal, as all Americans would now why the civil war was fought, they would know that though out history, many races have been enslaved. I as a woman, could spend my time blaming the catholic church and the puritans for burning white women at the stake. I choose to see people as humans not as a race, sadly we have now been forced to choose a side. Forced to look at skin color, forced to hire based on skin color and not skills. We have been forced, to destroy American history. I personally can no longer stand for this. As I do not want to have to choose my friends based on skin. I rather choose my friends based on things we like, based on things we talk about.

GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS HOSE THAT HAVE DIED FOR OUR COUNTRY no matter right or wrong, we are Americans and our country and people come first!!


@Alvin 'Why can't this police department get in line and put the in the budget the things that are supposed to be in the budget, and secondly why isn't the city manager getting all of the things that is recommended and wanted to be placed in this budget????

Simple answer, if you haven't notice the pattern here with this city council it I a very simple one.
The Mayor is up for election really soon, so what is going on, is those that either wish for him to be re-elected or wishing to full-fill their agenda and have another put in the seat, get this brought up and added. It is away to buy votes from the police department. When those that are worried that someone may run that backs the Police Dept. full force, they start offering goodies, pulling strings. Kind of like NAACP member Phyllis Jones donating 500 dollars to the Republican party.
If you watch closely at what is being added into next years budget you will se many shifts.
Like during the city council race this year, if Mrs. Teel wasn't so out spoken about the audit, the city would have not had one.
The NAACP would not have been allowed to pick the unlicensed Police Chief. The fact that this Unlicensed Police Chief is claiming it is him organizing a handful of raids. Yet the city of Killeen has been doing raids way longer and actually up until he came, did more raids. We have had less arrest of Gang members since he has been in place. Under Young and the Pervious Chief actually with in their first month made more arrest. Just pull up the crime stats and you can see this.
If you have not notices since this Chief was put in place, we have had a up take on crime, and have had more Black supremacy openly in the news, and feeling safe to attack people online, and off line.
This is what happened on the east coast of Florida all the way up to Ft Braggs, when the NAACP has taken over local governments. The cities are ran into the ground, the coffers are drained and the NAACP moves on with fat pockets. The NAACP uses the money to buy elections and put in place Police Chiefs and others to help fit their agenda of Black Supremacy.
You will see more and more articles done by the KDHNEWS revolving around this hate group. You will also see more and more all black events, you will see more things added to the budget and so on. Just like the 50 mil stadium. Why do you think the KISD got a Million dollar score board.

This has nothing to do with the police needing new armor, this has all to do with, the NAACP getting what they want.
You will start seeing raids of innocent white people, that Jones and the NAACP targets personally because they fair they may run for office or will not vote the way she and the NAACP wants. Trust me, my husband and I have been targeted by Jones for awhile, to the point she truly has my neighbors and police believing I am a gang banger, all because they think I have money. I can't wait for the city to finally wake up and Lock up Jones, Fleming and the waste of the Black Supremacy in our city.
If not our city will be bankrupt and the Democrats will turn our city into a dead city, like so many cities around the Bases across the country.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@eyewatchingu: You have a point of assuring the K9 service dogs are protected as the officers, but my point is 'Why can't this police department get in line and put the in the budget the things that are supposed to be in the budget, and secondly why isn't the city manager getting all of the things that is recommended and wanted to be placed in this budget???? It's only been 6 weeks since the new budget was started and they are already wanting more money. Just what is a budget for if not to look at how this city is going to operate, putting all of the things that they want/need by the various city departmental functions and to my mind, it has not been done yet.

It's the same as with the $40 million dollars that they are asking the city council to vote on. It makes no sense to say that there will not be any increase, in fact a decrease, and the maximum value of the loan will be diminished by $2.2 million dollars. I say again, company's re not in the business of giving money away, there has to be an extension of the loan, an increase in the amount of the loan, or at least some form of closing cost associated with this loan. I would say to our city council, 'stop for a moment and question what the particulars are before going head long into making this policy. Ask questions of this finance group bearing in mind that 'there has been pie in the sky notices by this finance group that have not materialized as in the millions that have went missing in the past'. Stop and ask questions before you vote.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


"According to an email from KPD Cmdr. Alex Gearhart to Killeen City Manager Ron Olson on Aug. 4, the department has noted an increase in violent crime involving rifles in Killeen. "

As with human body armor it is always evolving, and also comes in different grades of protection.
So once again, I ask will our K9 Officers also be included in this. Many k9 units across our country and the world go with out proper armor, and sometimes left to suffer in old armor that is poorly fitted to their bodies. As with humans our K9 officers bodies change, the weight of poorly fitted armor can cause back problems and increase the risk of hip dysplasia. Poorly fitted armor can cost a dog, speed and agility in movement. Meaning less reaction time. Less reaction time can cost a k9 his or hers life and can cost the life of a human partner or officer. A k9 that is poorly equipped can also lose attention span, as like a child dogs attention spans can decrease when clothing is restricting. K9's all have attention spans based on training and age.
It takes a dog and human to make a K9 unit, and it is up to the human to make sure his partner is spoken for. So if you value your partner then one should stand up and ask for the K9 officers to be added to the list of new armor.
If you the human officer is at risk from rife rounds, then would your silent partner who does not have a voice be at risk as well.
A well protected k9 officer makes all officers safer. That is a fact!

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