The Killeen City Council will receive a 2018 budget status update from City Manager Ron Olson at its workshop session at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Olson is scheduled to provide a snapshot of the preliminary budget process with up-to-date revenue projections for the coming fiscal year.

Olson has said he is looking to change the city’s budgeting process by providing more in-depth updates to council members and also turning the budget creation on its head by requiring department heads to fit their individual budgets within projected revenue limits.

“That way I know I’m coming in with a balanced budget,” Olson told the Herald April 11.

According to Olson, previous city managers received departmental budgets that exceeded predicted revenues.

“I think what (city administrators) did is they went out to the departments and said ‘what do you need to operate next year?’ Then they looked at what revenues they had and said ‘there’s a big gap between those two things,’” Olson said March 4. “That’s the $8 million problem.”

In June 2016, former interim City Manager Ann Farris presented the council with a preliminary budget with an $8 million shortfall. After months of expenditure cuts, the council balanced the 2017 budget in January.

The workshop will begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday in the Utility Collections Building, 210 W. Avenue C.

In other business, the council will:

  • Discuss retaking final review of city platting — or the drawing of property lines — from the city’s planning and zoning commission. The commission currently has final platting review with zoning and future land use map adjustment requests going before the council.
  • Consider spending more than $114,000 from the Killeen Police Department’s state seizure account to pay for a slew of equipment including trauma kits and air respirators.

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Pharon Enochs

The following comments are indeed the opinions of Pharon Enochs I hope Olson did not let Baldwin or Farris within 20 feet of the budget planning, Hopefully his plan will work unlike those in the past. Watch out Baldwin and Farris maybe in huddle trying to squeeze in their favorite so called road use funding, tax or whatever they choose to name it. It was another of the failed follies which was proposed to fix the budget and charge the residents twice for the funding of the street building/ repair. Let not forget the big Rancier Ave to Valley Road beauty treatment while a lot of the streets are falling apart. Oh yeah and least we not forget the wonderful idea of changing the name of Rosewood Drive. Let's just throw in a lot of fun stuff heck the public has deep pockets. Hopefully Olson can shut done the Candy Store or at least shorten it's operating hours. Once he has tasked the City Departments to do their jobs the City Council should sit back and let the man do his job. Hopefully, but with a lot of doubts on my part there will be none of these sweetheart deals for the good ole boys which are unfunded after the budget is approved. I was once told budgets are good for one day, this one day is the day on which they are approved. After that the fun begins, hence the need to close the Candy Store. God bless America, President Trump and John Wayne where ever he may be


"also turning the budget creation on its head by requiring department heads to fit their individual budgets within projected revenue limits."

Wait...what?! He is going to require departments to stay within budget limits? If he doesnt watch it, he may be given a golden parachute and then an additional $750,000 to leave town.

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