The Killeen City Council will not meet at its regularly scheduled time Tuesday due to the New Year’s holiday.

The council’s next scheduled meeting is a workshop session at 5 p.m. Jan. 9. The agenda and location of the workshop session will available Friday at killeentexas.gov.

The city is expected to hold a series of discussions at coming workshops surrounding a potential bond referendum on the May 5 ballot to help pay for road infrastructure tied to the Killeen school district’s possible $426 million bond issue.

The city has said a possible bond would, at minimum, cover four road projects surrounding a planned sixth high school to be located on Chaparral Road near Featherline Road.

The four projects, with current construction estimates, include:

• Expansion of Chaparral Road from two to five lanes — $21.5 million

• Expansion of East Trimmier Road south of Stagecoach Road from two to five lanes — $7 million

• Expansion of West Trimmier Road between Stagecoach and Chaparral roads from two to five lanes — $7.9 million

• Expansion of Featherline Road between Stagecoach and Chaparral roads from two to five lanes — $9 million

The total cost for all four projects — the baseline principal amount for a proposed bond — is $45.6 million.

The bond proposal, if needed, must go up for council approval before it is placed on the May ballot. The deadline to submit the bond paperwork is Feb. 16.

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The KINGS and QUEENS need to rest up because a whole LOTTA taxing is gonna be goin on soon.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@eyewatchingu: I agree with this sentiment. I personally feel that we have a nonworking city council when this council opiniates that, with the audit so recently completed, we have a council that is working to cut the money reserves, just to bolster the bond issue of $45.6 million so as to prepare for the $246 million needed/wanted for the new high school.

I say again, ths city and this school district needs/should work towards working a city/school budget that is geared towards the citizen that pays the taxes and not towards bolstering the home builders pockets.

This city manager should be committed to this city and coming down hard so as to cean the streets and not sweep under the carpet the individuals who break the law.

And I want a city manager who will take heed to the very concepts of what it is to manage a city that comes to the realization that there should be a complete separation of this city council and a KEDC organization and in which you can't have, or should not have, a KEDC with the power afforded it to enter into contracts that do not 'save harmless' this city, all without notifying this city council to which there should be a vote of coincidence by this city council, and to which this city manager is so appraised. These items, as a minimum, should be equated to 'We the People' and not to 'I want', as so noted by the issuance of these roadways and high school location all of which I personally see as benifiting the home builders of this city. Clean up this city proper before setting the stage for the building of new homes 'outside of this city's boundaries'. Ifthis is not the priority of the city manager then 'why do we even have a city manager at all if he does not work for the citizens of this city'

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


Really, our city council is so lazy they cant come out on Jan 2nd. Hmm sunday night the ball drops Monday is new years day. That means Tuesday is not a holiday!
See this is what happens when you vote in fake human, with fake hair, fake nails, and feel they can buy a 25 lb turkey on tax payers dollars to feed their own family, while we have a city falling apart.

Hmm I wonder how many working humans in Killeen will have to get up and put in between 8 to 10 hours of work on Tuesday, and our elected officals cant drag their sorry asses into work for a few hours.

Vote NO on all bonds and anything else this lazy bunch of human waste wants.
If you and I can work on the 2nd, no reason these lazy money grabing thives cant.

Vote them all out.

We need a new mayor and I hear someone already has 28k to back her run!! and more coming in

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