Killeen City Councilman Steve Harris is hosting a town hall forum Thursday to discuss the city’s contract with a coming $238-million subdivision on the outskirts of Killeen.

The forum will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Veterans of Foreign Wars 9191 Auxiliary at 3307 Zephyr Road.

Harris said the goal of the forum is to educate the public on the “collusion, manipulation or coercion” he believes took place during the council’s 4-3 approval of the contract with a development district, also known as Turnbo Ranch subdivision.

“My end game is to basically eliminate this contract and get an investigation going internally or externally and figure out how this deal got done,” Harris said Tuesday.

The forum will focus on the stipulations in the City Council-approved contract with the Bell County Municipal Utility District No. 2, which was signed in 2013.

The subdivision is currently under construction across city limits near the intersection of Chaparral and Featherline roads south of Killeen.

“It’s going to be a comprehensive breakdown of the contract and the whole negotiation and approval process,” Harris said.

WB Development, the development firm overseeing the district’s construction, could not be reached for comment Tuesday, but Harris said representatives from the firm had not been directly invited.

The event is free and open to the public. The forum will be co-sponsored by Killeen City Council at-large candidate Mellisa Brown, who is running for the May 5 election. | 254-501-7567

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This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@TexaSolder: You sir have hit the nail right on the head. And @THUGNIFICENT YOU KILLED ME: You sir are right in your opinion as to 'Why would anyone propose to buy a home within the city limits when it would be cheaper to buy on the outskirts of the city.
As I have been saying, if you have a mini council with at least 4 out of 7 votes, then you have a what it takes to 'control' within this city council.
I believe this has been proven time and time again with this city council, just look at the past voting records.
I will be very interested in something that will explain just 'what a MUD District is, and what it takes to 'form a MUD District'. Again, I will be very interested in 'how gets to pick the Board of Directors and what qualifications they are required to maintain'.
And @ TexaSolder: you are correct in that this was the brainchild of the then mayor and certain council persons and as to what the city of Killeen gets in return, well lets just say 'what the child with a sling shot shot at – nothing whatsoever except, in my opinion, pot holes, less maintained streets and roadways, increased water and sanitary sewer bills, and roadways and a bridge that goes toward the new high school at an initial cost of multi-millions of dollars. And think of it, you people of Killeen are paying for it for a long time.
And you are correct in that the cost will continue to creep up. As to the initial cost of $30 million, we have already incurred increased costs just weeks after the initial vote for an expanded elevated water tower, pumps and their associated infrastructure costs so it will easily be approaching $60 to $70 million dollars if not more by the time the project is completed, if it ever deemed to be complete.
So what did the backers of this water plant endeavor have to put up as collateral???? In a nut shell, nothing because the city of Killeen will pay for the design and engineering, the city of Killeen will foot the bill for all construction costs including all machinery and materials, and even foot the bill for the associated commissioning and start up costs up to the point that the treated water will cascade out of the piping until the first flow meter, and that's when the city is finally given control of 'the water'. So what does it entail, I once watched a movie that starred Dick Van Dyke and he was going through a divorce. I'll cut to the chase and say Dick Van Dyke was not at all impressed with the settlement as he stated that the wife got the house and he got the house payment, the wife got a hugh alimony and he got the payment, and then he stated that the wife got the gold and he got the shaft'. The Water Control Districts end up owning all of the equipment that goes into making a treated water plant and the city of Killeen gets to pay for it.
It will be a very interesting evening, but I don't if 2 hours is going to enough time.
This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.


This should be good. The M.U.D demonstrates corruption by the old city council. If that's not bad enough, the MUD couldn't exist without water so what does the city council do? They then pay to build a water plant at Stillhouse lake with waterlines going over private property easements directly to a water tower that is required to support the MUD. LOL Then the city will have to spend more money rebuilding road and infrastructure this community OUTSIDE the city limits.
How does all this help the CITY of Killeen property owners that will pay for all this crap to help a developer (Whitis)? Is the city going to immediately annex the subdivision so the future property taxes and utility fees can pay back this tax payer generosity? no. The contract states that the city cannot annex the subdivision for at least twenty years IF "all lots are sold" [paraphrased] and, thus, it might not even happen after 20 years. By this, the property and business owners of Killeen would have paid for tens of millions of dollars of capital improvements in addition to a water plant specifically for a developer with no guarantee of compensation.
Now, on top of all this, the state legislature passed a law last year that REQUIRES the vote of the citizens affected for any annexation. What does this mean? After Killeen pays all this money up front (could be as high as $60-80 million when adding water plant to capital improvements) to support a subdivision for a specific developer, the future lot owners can vote down annexation anyway. Who is left holding the bag? Killeen tax payers… AGAIN! People need to get angry at some point.


Sadly KILLzone seems to be in the pocket of the Monopoly home builders. The handwriting is on the wall, as soldiers are wising up and buying homes outside of Bell County. In fact, others seem to be wising up, too, by avoiding a life shortening experience for themselves and their loved ones buying outside the KILLzone city limits.

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