Hot weather

Despite the 100-plus degree heat, Austin Perryman, right, and Dakota Keahi ride their skateboards Sunday, July 22, 2018, at the Long Branch Park skate park in Killeen.

Record-breaking temperatures continued to scorch Central Texas over the weekend, with Sunday’s high registering at 106, which surpassed the previous record high of 105 degrees reported in 1982.

The National Weather Service is continuing to project an excessive heat warning today, with a high slated to reach up to 108 degrees, which could break the record temperature of 103 degrees set in 1980.

At least two Killeen residents were feeling the heat Sunday afternoon.

Two boys, Carlos Mariduena and Kewon Washington, were enjoying their day at the skate park at Long Branch Park in Killeen, and were ready to head home after just under an hour of being outside.

“I’m usually a perpetually-indoors person,” Mariduena said. “We just came outside because we were bored, and he (Washington) was just in town visiting from Hawaii and he brought his skateboard.”

Washington said he lived in Killeen for several years before the military moved his family to Hawaii.

“It’s not hot like this there,” Washington said. “Temperatures are usually in the 70s and 80s most of the year, so I’m really not used to this heat.”

According to NWS, even in the summer temperatures in Hawaii rarely rise above 90 degrees.

The two friends said even though they weren’t far from home — Mariduena lives within walking distance of the park — they were making sure to keep hydrated.

They both had bottles of water they were making sure to drink from frequently in between trying their hands — or in this case, feet — at skateboarding.

“I really just use it for transportation when I ride,” Mariduena said.

“At least I get a little bit of a breeze when I ride,” he added, laughing.

Fortunately, Killeen area residents should see some relief from the inferno-like conditions by midweek, according to NWS.

“Temperatures will be turning closer to normal beginning around Tuesday,” said Meteorologist Dennis Cain with NWS. “We’ll still be ending up with close to triple digit temperatures but down six to eight degrees from what they’ve been this past week.”

Meteorologist Matt Bishop with NWS said a minor cold front headed into the area this week may push temperatures back down into the double digits by next weekend with highs forecast to be in the mid-90s by Sunday.

“A wind shift to the northeast and cooler air should be heading in the area starting around 4 or 5 p.m. Monday,” Bishop said.

Cain said there is even a slight 20 percent chance of thunderstorms entering the area Tuesday afternoon.

Overnight low temperatures throughout the week are expected to range from 75 to 78 degrees, according to the NWS.

“Stay cool and eventually it will cool off,” Cain said. “It always does.”

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