Family and friends of Staff Sgt. Miguel Angel ColonVazquez gathered Thursday to honor his life at a funeral in Killeen.

The funeral took place at St. Joseph Catholic Church at 10 a.m. where the casket was clothed with a mortcloth during the service.

“Certainly a few weeks ago, none of us thought that we would be here this morning for the funeral of Miguel,” said the Rev. Chris Downey, the priest of the church. He delivered the eulogy.

ColonVazquez, 38, was one of the nine people who died in a flood when the Army truck the were on overturned at low-water crossing at Fort Hood.

His body was brought into the church at the beginning of the service to  “Amazing Grace," which was sung while his family walked behind it.

Downey spoke to the family of ColonVazquez where he said the soldier's spirit still lives on in their lives. He also addressed the family that came from Puerto Rico by speaking to them in Spanish.

“Life is a safety pin. When a soldier goes to a war zone, we know that there is a possibility that they can die but we never realize that they can die near our home,” said Downey in Spanish.

While talking about ColonVazquez, Downey addressed the other seven soldiers and one West Point cadet that lost their lives in the flash flood.

A burial service will be held on Friday at 2 p.m. at the Central Texas State Veteran Memorial Cemetery.

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