Killeen-opoly is a new board game being sold in local Walmart stores.

The Killeen community can now enjoy a special version of the popular board game Monopoly, a game that has managed to entertain people since 1935.

Killeen-opoly is made available by Ohio-based Late for the Sky Production Company, with Walmart.

It took roughly four weeks — the typical turn-around for Late for the Sky to produce such special versions — to bring Killeen-opoly to life. All production work was completed in a facility in Cincinnati.

Killeen-opoly is currently only available at Killeen-area Walmart stores and can’t be purchased online. Last week, the game debuted on Lowes Boulevard and Stan Schlueter Walmart shelves and quickly sold out, officials said.

The game — played just like regular Monopoly — features local “real estate” such as Fort Hood, the Mayborn Science Theater, Belton Lake, the Waffle Den, Lions Club Park and more.

Popular streets — Elms Road, Stan Schlueter Loop, South W.S. Young Drive, and Trimmier Road — have replaced the spaces where the traditional Monopoly design had railroads.

“The organizations that make up Killeen-opoly were chosen by their recognition by the locals and our research,” said Bill Schulte, Late for the Sky vice president. “No one pays to be part of our games. Just getting opinions from locals is a great way to learn about a town. We take all that information and we use that to fill out the spaces on the board.”

During the game’s development, Late for the Sky personnel spoke with people at two local Walmart locations in Killeen, and said the interactions during those visits were important to the game’s development.

All other research for Killeen-opoly was done online by researching favorite attractions in Killeen and where people in the area liked to go.

“Lots of people love Killeen,” Schulte said.

Killeen was one of the cities that Walmart considered for a community-based game and determined Killeen was a perfect fit for such a game.

There are currently over 50 Texas locations that have “Monopoly” versions for their town or city, officials said.

All of the community-based and city-themed Monopoly version games contain a special line of game pieces that represent easily recognizable and popular things: a hand, smile, heart, dog, pretzel and a shoe.

“We were pleasantly surprised how fast the games sold out in the Walmart stores,” Schulte said. ”More are on the way and will be arriving any day.”

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