Police Cars

FILE - Police vehicles are seen outside the Killeen Police Department Headquarters.

The Killeen Police Department is seeking an officer and two non-civil service positions.

A month ago, police officials said the force had lost 17 commissioned officers between August and early June.

As of June 9, the department had 17 sworn officers leave the force since August, according to Assistant Chief Margaret Young. All but one of those were resignations, she said.

In that same period, the department brought seven new sworn officers online — a net loss of 10 officers. There was one sworn officer per 684 Killeen residents in June, according to most recent population estimates.

On the city’s hiring page, three open positions were listed:

One officer, with a starting salary of $3,743.00 per month.

One police clerk, with starting pay at $9.95 per hour.

One jailer, with starting pay at $15.10 per hour.

Of the department’s 236 filled officer positions, Young said 159 were patrol officers. All but one of the departures were from patrol ranks, according to city figures.

Young said the department had hired 26 support staff since August, compared to 17 departures. The department currently has 28 vacancies for non-civil staff and a total workforce of 70.

According to preliminary figures from the city in January, civil service employees — including police and fire — are paid about 7.5 percent below market average for cities comparable in size and demographics to Killeen. Those figures show noncivil service employees make 13.29 percent below comparable market average.

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