Dennis Baldwin

Dennis Baldwin, former Killeen interim city manager and police chief who is now assistant city manager, speaks during a January 2017 town hall meeting at Killeen Police Department Headquarters.

Nearly 120 people have applied for Killeen’s No. 2 city position, and semifinalists have been chosen, according to the city’s top official.

City Manager Ron Olson said the city’s head-hunting firm, Keller-based Strategic Government Resources, was in the process of culling “three tiers” of candidates for the assistant city manager role, which was posted after Assistant City Manager Dennis Baldwin announced Oct. 1 that he would retire in January.

Baldwin, 59, a former Killeen police chief and interim city manager, will retire after 35 years with the city.

On Oct. 4, Strategic Government Resources posted a job listing for Baldwin’s position, with a starting salary at $140,000 and a $3,000 car allowance.

Although the city isn’t ready to release names, Olson said last week, finalists for the position will be announced to the public before final interviews and a decision.

The Killeen City Council will later vote to confirm Olson’s hire.

Olson did not provide a timeline for when a decision would be made.

Baldwin will be the second of two assistant city managers to depart city government over the course of 12 months. Deputy City Manager Ann Farris retired after five years with the city in January. Olson said there are no plans to fill her position.

Baldwin came on as a police officer in 1983 and was promoted to Killeen police chief in 2004. He was hired in the assistant manager role in February 2017 after a tumultuous period following City Manager Glenn Morrison’s retirement in April 2016.

Farris had been initially appointed as interim manager before being removed from the position by council vote in October 2016 and replaced with Baldwin.

Baldwin had applied for the village administrator role in Salado in March 2017 but withdrew from the race at Olson’s request, according to the FME News Service. He told the Herald in early October he was not currently applying for a new position, but he left the possibility open.

“That could change if the right opportunity comes along,” he said. | 254-501-7567

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