The city of Killeen earned two national awards from the Government Finance Officers Association for its financial reporting in 2016, according to a city news release.

The city was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its 2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its fiscal year 2016-17 annual budget presentation, the city said.

The finance organization’s honors were announced a week after auditors reported Killeen had been overspending for more than a decade and had significant flaws in its management, policies, disclosures and recordkeeping.

The difference in results is the group providing honors looks at budgets and annual financial reports provided by the cities. The management audit examined city documents in depth.

“It is an honor to have the efforts of City Council and staff recognized nationally,” City Manager Ron Olson said in the release. “Financial responsibility in planning, managing and reporting is a top priority and is essential to the City of Killeen’s success.”

The city’s budget and financial reporting information are online at www.killeentexas.gov/finance. The Management Audit Final Report is available at killeentexas.gov/auditor.

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This is a joke, right? Fake news, fake award.


http://www.gfoa.org/ Look up what this is and you will see, that these awards are not what they appear to be. This is just another whitewash. Kinda like that book whos who, many people pay 500 bucks to have their name put in. Check it out. I love thigh high boots!

Pharon Enochs

Just a quick note. I think the city should return theses awards. I for one would be ashamed to display them on public property. What a sham


Its about damn time that KILLeen gets honored for writing fairy tales and mysteries.

The way the King and his Court write those budget stories, the way they buy churches with tax money, build those beautiful waterparks, and scam Fort Hood out of their airport, and trick Uncle Sam into footing that airport scam is classic.

Plus, their crime and murder stories are thrilling, too.

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