A former Killeen City Council candidate who was arrested during a council meeting in August refused a plea agreement Friday in a Bell County courtroom on a misdemeanor charge stemming from the incident, she said.

Mellisa Brown, who most recently ran for an at-large council seat in May, was arrested and handcuffed following a verbal altercation with Mayor Jose Segarra during a workshop session Aug. 7 in which Segarra did not allow her to address the council.

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Yes, just what were the circumstances concerning the treatment of persons that go against the wishes of this mayor. From what am led to understand, she did nothing wrong and when the mayor contested her, at the request of council woman Fleming, words, only words, led to being hand cuffed and escorted out of the city council chamber. For this, and I believe rightly so, she has plead not guilty and is awaiting a court date. In my opinion, this court date should not be too far off as she still has the mayor's decree hanging off of her shoulders that could hamper her in any further detailing or city matter.
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I have a question for the Mayor and City Council Members. Will You please state publicly whether Ms. Brown was called or referred to the podium by Councilwoman Flemming for the purpose of stating a ,citizen's view on a given subject being addressed by the Council? If this is factually correct than I have to ask why was Ms. Brown handcuffed, ordered arrested by the Mayor and removed under duress (handcuffed).
When has it become the policy of the City Mayor and Council to deny a Citizen to address the Forum when called upon by a Member of the Forum?

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