Three residences were left without water on Thanksgiving after an early morning water line break.

The problem occurred in the area of Rev. RA Abercrombie Drive and Terrace Drive south of Marlboro Park in north Killeen.

“The break occurred at about 8 a.m., and crews have been on the scene all day making repairs,” said Killeen’s director of public information, Hilary Shine, in an email.

A gas line break also occurred in the same area, and Atmos Energy employees were working to repair the gas line. According to Shine, the gas line must be repaired before repairs can be completed on the water line.

Shortly before 5 p.m. Thursday, the residences were still without water.

Shine said an investigation into what caused the water line break would be conducted once repairs were finished.

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The article "Killeen working to fix water line break" is not completely accurate. I reside in the area and was present when the event occurred. I contacted the mayor and left a message. The reason for these events may be of natural causes that residents are not aware of and the city needs to investigate. My gas & water was off. The water was restored at approximately 3:30 am, 25 Nov 16. My gas, however, has not been restored and according to Atmos service personnel, it may be days before all the lines are clear of water and full services restored to all affected residents. By the way, I contacted your paper regarding my concerns on this issue.[sad]

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