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KISD board hears recommendation for $426 million bond issue

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The Killeen Independent School District Board of Trustees voiced praise and concerns about the potential $426 million bond issue during a board meeting Tuesday evening.

Chairmen of the bond steering committee, Bill Kliewer, Brenda Coley and Hal Schiffman, along with KISD Superintendent John Craft, presented the committee’s recommendation for a potential bond issue via PowerPoint slides prepared by the district.

The projects prioritized by the bond steering committee during its November meetings and listed in the recommendation:

• Renovations to bring existing campuses into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and address security/safety issues

• New high school to open for 2022-2023 school year

• Consolidation of East Ward and West Ward elementary schools with construction of a new East Ward school

• Consolidation of Pershing Park and Sugar Loaf elementary schools, with partial rezoning of Bellaire Elementary School, and construction of a new Pershing Park school

• New elementary school to open for 2022-2023 school year

• Renovate and expand Clifton Park Elementary School, with partial rezoning of Bellaire Elementary School

• Renovations to Killeen High School

Craft emphasized how KISD’s current tax rate of $1.11 is the lowest of area schools districts, and other Texas school districts of comparable size.

Board member JoAnn Purser asked if it would be possible to compare the total property tax rates — including all taxing entities — to get a better feel for how taxpayers will be impacted if the potential bond issue passes.

Purser also asked if the bond steering committee had considered breaking the bond issue into three pieces, which would give voters a chance to vote for those projects they deemed priorities.

She suggested the new high school be one piece at $171 million, the renovations to the schools be the second piece, at $100 million, and the other projects be the third piece, at $255 million.

Coley responded that the bond steering committee had discussed that possibility. “If it’s broken up, people will vote where their heart is,” she said. “The goal of the committee was to make changes where changes were needed. We would not bring anything to the board that wasn’t appropriate.”

The $426 million bond amount would raise property taxes on a home assessed at $150,000, with a homestead exemption, by approximately $169 per year.

The board is not scheduled to vote on whether to call a bond election until the Feb. 13 meeting, which would allow the bond issue to be included on the May 5 municipal ballot.

The board voted unanimously to approve the proposal from Huckabee, Inc. for the new elementary school, being built on Morganite Lane. The proposal contains Huckabee’s estimated architectural design fee of $1.434,025, with additional fees for consultants amounting to over $214,000.

The guaranteed maximum price for the project will not be approved by the board until May 2018. The proposed cost, according to the KISD Strategic Facility Plan, is $37.13 million.

The board also voted to approve a proposal from Huckabee, Inc. for a new middle school, to be built on Warriors Path. Huckabee’s fee for architectural design is in excess of $2 million, with additional fees for other consultants amounting to more than $416,000.

The guaranteed maximum price for the middle school will not be approved by the board until December 2018. The cost, as listed on the district’s Strategic Facility Plan, is estimated at $54 million.

Huckabee, Inc. has offices throughout Texas, and has been designing schools for KISD for more than ten years. Huckabee is one of five architectural firms in a “pool,” according to Craft, which regularly do work for the district.

Currently available district funds will be used to pay for both schools.

EMA Engineering and Consulting submitted a proposal for heating and air conditioning life cycle replacements and design proposal for $240,000. The board unanimously voted to approve the proposal.

In other business:

Joyce Hodson, director for the KISD Education Foundation, reported that 20 grant applications had been selected to receive funding for the fall 2017 classroom engagement grant cycle. The Foundation will provide $75,000 to cover these grants. The remainder of the $117,645.31 is funded by employee contributions and campus rebates.

It’s the largest amount toward grants ever awarded, according to Hodson.

The grants will be awarded Thursday. “It’s a fun way to celebrate and spread some cheer before we go on break,” Hodson said.

Documents regarding Craft’s annual evaluation process were distributed to board members, in accordance with Texas Education Agency regulations. The actual evaluation will take place in closed session at the January board meeting.

KISD map

Source: Killeen Independent School District

Key to KISD map

# School Grade Built Age Cost Unknown field 6
1 Alice W. Douse Elementary 2017 0 $30.26
2 Bellaire Elementary 1966 51 unavailable
3 Brookhaven Elementary 1993 24 unavailable
4 Cedar Valley Elementary 1993 24 unavailable
5 Clarke Elementary 1976 41 unavailable
6 Clear Creek Elementary 1990 27 unavailable
7 Clifton Park Elementary 1964 53 unavailable
8 Dr. Joseph A. Fowler Elementary 2014 3 $16.13 *
9 East Ward Elementary 1952 65 unavailable
10 Harker Heights Elementary 1964 53 unavailable
11 Hay Branch Elementary 1985 32 unavailable
12 Haynes Elementary 2011 6 $13.80 *
13 Iduma Elementary 2003 14 unavailable
14 Ira Cross Jr. Elementary 2002 15 unavailable
15 Maxdale Elementary 2001 16 unavailable
16 Meadows Elementary 2007 10 unavailable
17 Montague Village Elementary 1998 19 unavailable
18 Mountain View Elementary 1988 29 unavailable
19 Nolanville Elementary 1985 32 unavailable
20 Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary 2004 13 unavailable
21 Peebles Elementary 1960 57 unavailable
22 Pershing Park Elementary 1962 55 unavailable
23 Reeces Creek Elementary 1989 28 unavailable
24 Richard E. Cavazos Elementary 2009 8 $14.14 *
25 Saegert Elementary 2006 11 $11.96 *
26 Skipcha Elementary 2006 11 $12.34 *
27 Sugar Loaf Elementary 1965 52 unavailable
28 Timber Ridge Elementary 2005 12 unavailable
29 Trimmier Elementary 1998 19 unavailable
30 Venable Village Elementary 1995 22 unavailable
31 West Ward Elementary 1953 64 unavailable
32 Willow Springs Elementary 1985 32 unavailable
33 Audie Murphy Middle 2004 13 $14.22 *
34 Charles E. Patterson Middle 2009 8 $19.21 *
35 Eastern Hills Middle 1987 30 unavailable
36 Liberty Hill Middle 1998 19 unavailable
37 Live Oak Ridge Middle 2002 15 unavailable
38 Manor Middle 1971 46 unavailable
39 Nolan Middle 1961 56 unavailable
40 Palo Alto Middle 1995 22 unavailable
41 Rancier Middle 1990 27 unavailable
42 Roy J. Smith Middle 2017 0 $46.70
43 Union Grove Middle 2004 13 $13.20 *
44 C.E. Ellison High 1978 39 unavailable
45 Harker Heights High 1995 22 unavailable
46 Killeen High 1964 53 unavailable
47a Early College-Fort Hood High 1976 41 unavailable
47b Early College-CTC High
48 Robert W. Shoemaker High 1996 21 unavailable
* does not include fixtures, furniture and equipment
Special Campuses
49 Bell Cty Juvenile Detention/JJAEP
50 Gateway High 1962 55 unavailable
51 Gateway Middle 1962 55 unavailable
52 Career Center 2012 5 unavailable
53 Pathways Academic Campus 2011 6 unavailable
54 Administration Bldg 1977 40 unavailable
55 Jackson Professional Learning Center (formerly Marlboro Elementary) 1954 63 unavailable
56 Killeen Learning Support Services (formerly Rancier Middle) 1943 74 unavailable
57 Student Services
58 Technology Services Ctr
Schools Closed but still owned by KISD
59 Duncan Elementary 1981 36 unavailable
60 Fowler Elementary now leased to Texas A&M-Central Texas 1956 61 unavailable
61 Fairway Middle School 1955 62 unavailable
62 Career and Technical Education now maintenance facility - Atkinson facility 1972 45 unavailable
New School Sites
63 Elementary School #35 $37.13
64 Middle School #14 $54.03
65 High School $171.00
Data compiled from information obtained from KISD.
Cost information on older schools no longer available, according to KISD officials.

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