Eyes filled with wonder, prekindergarten and kindergarten students from Cedar Valley Elementary School shared what they know about Santa Claus and offered suggestions for gifts he could bring them for Christmas.

Meralie Colon, 4, said Santa, “brings presents to all the people in the community.”

She said she would love for Santa to bring her a unicorn, but a sister wouldn’t be bad, “I don’t like brothers,” Colon said.

The prekindergarten students all said they know Santa is real because he has a long beard, eats sugar, and lives at the North Pole, although they have never seen him.

“We can’t see him because we have to be in bed,” Colon said.

To prepare for Santa’s arrival, Colon said her mom always makes cookies, “she likes them,” she said.

However, Addilyn Chapa, 5, said they leave cupcakes out for Santa. “I put on a dress when I wake up in the morning on Christmas,” Chapa said and added that her special Christmas dress is red.

“I leave reindeer food for the reindeer,” she added.

“I never leave anything for the reindeer, cause I don’t know what to give them,” Colon said.

“Reindeer food. It’s like dogfood but it’s for reindeers,” Chapa told Colon she could find it at the pet store.

Chapa said she wishes for a horse that works with batteries, “It comes with an orange carrot.”

Keeson Wright, 4, said he leaves pancakes out for Santa.

“With sprinkles?” Colon interjected.

Wright said he is hoping to get a robot for Christmas.

The kindergarten students said they have all seen Santa, and knows he’s someone who brings presents to all the good kids, “not the naughty ones,” Kodi Rivera, 5, said.

Aneesa Hopkins recently saw Santa at a Breakfast With Santa event, and Hannah Coffman said she knows Santa is real, “Because you see him at the mall,” and the other students said they know he’s real because he brings presents.

Coffman wishes for a computer for Christmas whereas Alakai Vail, 5, is wishing for a lot of little cars.

Hopkins is wishing for “a miraculous ladybug and Barbie dolls.”

The kindergarten students all had specific things they wanted from Santa, but Hopkins wanted to tell Santa, “Thank you for all the presents.”

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