Most special education parents surveyed believe special education in Killeen schools is improving, according to a new district survey.

The Killeen Independent School District Board of Trustees on Tuesday reviewed the survey on the special education program.

In the workshop at Roy J. Smith Middle School, board members were briefed on feedback parents provided KISD.

The district received 729 responses to the anonymous survey, which was sent to parents who had signed up for ConnectEd notifications, said Terry Abbott, KISD’s chief information officer.

The district has 7,878 special education parents and 5,934 special ed students, Abbott said.

Of special ed parents responding, 54 percent gave the district’s special education program star ratings of 7 to 10, Abbott said.

Abbott said this year’s response was higher than the past two surveys, which drew 584 responses last year and 397 the previous year.

The district Tuesday night also reviewed both negative and positive feedback. Criticisms included the desire for KISD officials to provide suggestions about what can be done at home to reinforce what is going on in class. More communication and teachers, aides and therapists were also recommended by parents.

Accolades included praises for “very patient and understanding” staff, and general compliments to staff skill.

The survey was sent three different times during a three-week window, Abbott said. Parents with multiple students were sent separate links to access the survey for each child they have in the program. Parents were also invited to campuses to take the survey in the event that they did not have access to internet.

Janice Peronto, executive director of special education, said KISD special education has been in compliance with state requirements since she took the helm of the program four years ago.

“The district is making strides, and we’re working hard to be in compliance with both the state and with parents,” Peronto said.

Superintendent John Craft said improvements continue to be made after tough decisions and conversations have been had.

“(Peronto) has really taken the bull by the horns,” Craft said. “I don’t know if we’ll ever arrive, but we will continue to make improvements.” | 254-501-7553 | 254-501-7553

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