One Killeen resident came up with the hashtag #forthekids, referring to a recent video that has “gone viral” on the Killeen Police Department’s Facebook page.  

“Every TIME I want to leave this place....y'all do something that makes me stay. #forthekids,” wrote Jason Jones on the KPD Facebook page.

Jones was responding to a rap video featuring two children that was posted to the KPD Facebook page on Sunday. The video has been viewed 14,000 times and shared more than 300 times as of Tuesday afternoon.

It all started with two children and their performance filmed in their garage by a Killeen police officer on Facebook Live.

The kids expected three people to attend their performance but before they knew it, a handful of police cruisers were parked in front of their house.

Their neighbor, a police officer, brought five of his friends from the evening shift.

One child kept the beat with two oversized bats and a box while the other rapped. Their performance earned a round of applause from the police officers watching.

Around 400 people have commented on the video, many asking for tickets to the kids’ next show and others expressing gratitude for the department’s community policing that has been pushed by KPD Chief Charles “Chuck” Kimble over the past year.

"Community policing allows both the community and officers to work together and build relationships to prevent crime and make our neighborhoods safer," said Ofelia Miramontez, Killeen Police Department spokeswoman.

Citizens echoed the idea. 

“That's awesome that y’all are getting involved in the community. Killeen needs this,” wrote Susan Ann French, commenting on the video.

Emily Hilley-Sierzchula is reporter for the Killeen Daily Herald. Reach her at

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