Lemonade Day

Emanuel Lewis, left, Jada Ward and Bradley Hillman pose by their "Yo" Lemonade stand Sunday afternoon. 

Young local entrepreneurs spent the weekend learning what it takes to run a business, and it was all for a good cause.

Across the Killeen area — from Copperas Cove to Belton — young locals had lemonade stands with drinks and treats available to the public.

The weekend marked 10 years of Lemonade Day in the area. Lemonade Day has evolved into a weekend of sales.

Participants spent the past few months learning how to start, own and operate their own businesses — a lemonade stand.

“Yo” Lemonade was run by Emanuel Lewis, Bradley Hillman and Jada Ward in a Killeen neighborhood.

Emanuel, a 14-year-old student at Audie Murphy Middle School, first heard about the event eight years ago from his mother.

Initially, Emanuel started “Yo” Lemonade to raise funds for cancer and used to sell outside of a Dollar General store.

In the past couple of years, “Yo” Lemonade has been operating in a neighborhood. Emanuel and Bradley ventured into the lemonade stand for the first time together this year.

They both know someone affected by breast cancer so they decided this year’s proceeds would go to breast cancer research.

“One of my friend’s mother died from breast cancer,” Emanuel said.

“And my great-grandma died from breast cancer,” Bradley said.

“Yo” Lemonade sold regular and pink lemonade, along with barbecue plates.

“We had a lot of customers yesterday,” Bradley said Sunday afternoon.

They sold chicken and sausage plates with sides and a dessert for $10.

Emanuel and Bradley said they learned about the business side of running a stand and set their prices based on the cost of production.

Jada, an 8-year-old student at Ira Junior Cross Elementary School in Killeen, was in charge of advertisement. She stood on a sidewalk waving a sign as cars passed through the neighborhood.

Lemonade Day was presented by First National Bank Texas and Fort Hood National Bank, along with Fort Hood Family Housing. Local sponsors included H-E-B and Chick-fil-A.

For more information about Lemonade Day, go to http://forthood.lemonadeday.org.

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