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Live Coverage: Killeen City Council

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Tweets from the Killeen City Council workshop, Tuesday, May 2, 2017.

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First I must state " I was amazed and very impressed with Council woman Fleming, she listened to everyone that stood up and wanted to hear the people, I applaud her and glad that I am in her district and I will be one of the first if she choose to run for Mayor to go shout it from the mountains. She didn't spend her time looking at her cell phone, as so many did on the other side of the Mayor, she didn't sit and eat nor make gesture of who she felt was nuts by moving her finger in a circler motion by her head.
See I study and train dogs, so I spend a lot of time reading both human and animal behavior so I can match training needs.
So this is my personal opinion, I feel that we need to take a look a Councilman Rivera, I found him to come across very angry and the way he address the citizens that took there time to attended very disrespectful. I wouldn't trust that man with my money. I think he needs to be replaced and someone like Fleming found to fill his spot.
Farris well she just seemed cold, her hand gesture of circling her finger to indicate that a citizen was crazy, just amazed me, thank God it was before the meeting started. I found this cold and her to be so out of touch with the citizens of Killeen I cant wait till she's gone ( I'm buying the drinks)
I was actually impressed with Councilman Okray, he actually asked the right questions and sadly the other members on council seem to dismiss him. He asked several time for the actual amount at 5% cut, sadly the other councilman over talked him and the truth never came out. One suggestion for you Okray, talk louder and don't let them shut you down so quick, your a strong man and I bet you can get things done.
For the Mayor, It seems you are stuck and moving forwarded with the budget was a good thing, yet I have a feeling you were a little concerned with what people had to say, yet you seem to follow Councilman Rivera, I hope you will find yourself and spate yourself from this man who should have been replaced a long time ago. Other then that I voted for you, and I hope you will take a look at how being a transit city does put a finical drain on the cities that boarder Military Bases and maybe find better ways then allowing our city to become a dead city like around Ft Braggs, Ft Riley, and many others, where the main money is rental and no jobs for the locals but fast food, and low paying labor jobs. Its not fair when a home owner is watching his property value going down and only rental agencies are making the money. Airzona is working so hard on take there cities back from transited state to a working state and that can be hard when there are no jobs or people that can fill the spots for these large companies to come in and hire, it cost them money to train.
Now Mr Young, you didn't seem to be like Duck, you seem to be smart well educated, you ask the right questions and seem to care. I just hope you will stand up to your words and not be a lame duck. You Sir have a chance to change this city and you seem to have the knowledge and I hope with all my heart you will choose the right path for the good of the people and not let Councilman Rivera and the other one bring you down to there level.
As I said I study patterns and behavior and honestly I think going and seeing you all up front and listening to you, has brought me knowledge, that I myself will pass a long to others and try to get more people to attend city meetings as watching as you listen can actually brings more enlightenment then just reading the words.
So I believe in always leaving on a good note, Overall our city council did what they said they would and got us a budget, it may not make all happy, yet it is a relief off of all the people of Killeen. It takes strong people to lead, and I am proud of each of you for standing up and taking on that job.
As for Councilman Rivera , when your sit comes up for election, I will be running against you, some times the only way to get rid of a snake is to get dirty and I will roll my sleeves up and give you a run for your sit.
I applauded and respect the city council for a job well done tonight. Thank you for your time


Whatever happened to the Freedom of Speech Mayor Segarra? Limiting citizens that can speak because they have legitimate concerns of your negligence with their tax dollars?
Segarra should be ashamed and especially because he let the man full of himself, good ole boy Raul V., speak longer. No one wants to hear about his fluff; bottom line the city has been negligent since 2012, under Morrison, all major funds have been spent down to the tune of $20 mill. and Farris, Corbin, Cosper and top administrators are to blame.

Good job KDH for allowing the citizens to speak up!

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