HARKER HEIGHTS — Hitting the gym is a healthy habit, but if you attend CrossFit Harker Heights, it can even save lives.

The local area gym partnered with the Red Cross out of Dallas for a blood drive on Saturday morning.

CrossFit Harker Heights, 701 Sun Meadow Drive, and had 34 people register for the event on Friday evening.

“My gym is built on giving back to the community,” said CrossFit head coach Matthew Eseroma. “This is what we do.”

Eseroma, along with his brother Ben, owns and operates the gym and both brothers have previous military experience.

“This is the largest military installation, personnel-wise, so you can never go wrong giving back to the community through a blood drive,” said Eseroma. “It’s just one of our small contributions that we do as a small business.”

Killeen residents came to donate blood, too, including Angie Mattox.

“I haven’t done it in years,” said Mattox of why she chose to come out and donate. “I’ve done it for friends and I know what a difference it could make.”

Those who donated also got an extra bonus for giving back, courtesy of the gym.

“Here at the gym we have a one-a-day free trial to anybody in the community who wants to come out and try crossfit who’s never tried it before,” Eseroma explained. “But when they come in and donate blood, donors can check-in and they have the option to get two free classes to see if they like crossfit or come see how a crossfit class is ran.”

CrossFit Harker Heights has been at its current location for 14 months and previously held a blood drive last October.

The last event saw 25 donors, all who were informed about the drive by word of mouth. For this Saturday’s drive, the gym started notifying members and community members on social media starting last November.

“My event coordinator wants to do this, at minimum, twice a year,” noted Eseroma. “This will be the first for this year and if we have a good showing at the next one we might do this three times a year, just depends on our schedule and when we can fit it in.”

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