Another cold front is moving into the Killeen area this weekend.

Killeen reached a high of 73 degrees on Wednesday, but is expected to only reach a high of 45 today with a low chance of showers.

Temperatures will drop just slightly overnight as the expected low is 43 degrees.

“With a strong cold front, arctic air is going to bring a chill,” Bianca Villanueva, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Dallas-Fort Worth, said of the cold front today. “It doesn’t just happen in Texas, but across the country.

“What really matters is where it’s coming from and when it’s an arctic front, that’s where we get those sudden blasts of cold air.”

Temperatures are forecasted to rise back up to a high of 69 on Friday with a low chance of patchy drizzle throughout the day.

The weekend starts with temperatures expected to stay in the high 60s as Saturday has an expected high of 69 along with a 30 percent chance rain throughout the day.

With an expected low of 29 degrees, chances of rain increase to 40 percent overnight from Saturday into early Sunday morning.

The end of the weekend will have temperatures dropping to a high of 50 on Sunday with a low of 26. Monday is expected to reach just a high of 40 degrees with a low of 26.

The National Weather Service out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area also has a hazardous weather outlook expected over the weekend that includes Lampasas, Coryell and Bell counties and reaches as far as McLennan county.

The main hazard for the Killeen area is possible isolated thunderstorms Saturday night into early Sunday.

Although the first day of spring is still three weeks away, this may not be the last arctic cold front this season.

“We can’t rule out the possibility of having cold fronts that push through into March,” Villanueva noted. | 254-501-7562

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