General Funk

Lt. Gen. Paul Funk II addresses the community members gathered at Monday’s III Corps Update Luncheon sponsored by the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce.

While a town hall forum addressed the current housing issue on Fort Hood Monday, Lt. Gen. Paul Funk II spoke on the issue in a different setting.

More than 115 people filled the Family Life Center at Grace Christian Center for a III Corps Update Luncheon. The event was coordinated by the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce and brought together Killeen City Council members, Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra, members of the Killeen ISD school board and Superintendent John Craft, along with representatives from businesses across Killeen.

After thanking the community members for their contributions to and support of Fort Hood operations, Funk addressed the current housing dilemma on Fort Hood.

“As far as our family housing, we have some challenges there as well,” Funk said. “Our infrastructure is getting old, and we are continually working to improve that.”

According to Funk, the housing problems are caused by communication issues, problems with an aging infrastructure, and quality control issues; all of which, he said, officials are attacking head-on.

“What we have not lost is the ability of the chain of command to get out and take care of their soldiers and their families.”

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Funk then gave a recap of the recent Texas Legislator Day held on Fort Hood, where 136 representatives and staff attended.

“It was an incredible opportunity to show what a truly great place The Great Place is,” Funk said, adding that it was possibly one of the biggest turnouts Fort Hood has ever had for the event.

Funk also spoke about the Army’s credential program. Fort Hood currently has programs for soldiers to earn credentials in 20 occupational specialties, which allow for career advancement within the Army, as well as career readiness once the soldier leaves the Army.

According to Funk, the program has gained so much interest, the Army is going to open the program for credentials to be offered in all of the Army’s occupational specialties.

“This means that these men and women will leave the Army with an enhanced skill set,” Funk said, which, he said, impacts the community as 57 percent of the soldiers who leave the Army from Fort Hood remain in Texas.

Funk also asked for continued support for the program that allows community members to accompany groups to training, which allows participants to see what day to day operations look like for soldiers.

The luncheon was then opened up for questions, and of the handful of attendees that addressed the general most wanted to know what to expect in the future from Fort Hood.

According to Funk, this includes having troops currently at the border adding razor wire to the border wall, as well as units preparing to deploy in the fall.

“We have a lot of energy associated with getting ready to go do whatever it is the nation needs us to do.” Funk said.

The next military update luncheon will be March 21 at Grace Christian Center and will feature the Operational Test Command. | 254-501-7552

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