Flu season is not over, but the number of cases finally might be starting to decrease.

In January, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood saw an increase in number of patients with flu symptoms, with approximately 832 cases of both Type A and B confirmed.

Though numbers are high, the medical center did say numbers are starting to decline.

“According to the department of pathology and ancillary services, the number of cases has been trending down over the past two weeks,” Darnall spokeswoman Mikaela Cade said in an email.

As of Monday, Coryell Memorial Hospital in Gatesville reported 134 cases of Type A and 42 cases of Type B.

Since Jan. 1, Metroplex Adventist Hospital has recorded 889 cases of the flu, with 778 reported at Metroplex in Killeen and 111 reported at the hospital’s Lampasas location, Rollins Brook Community Hospital.

Scott and White was unable to provide numbers from Jan. 1, but the Temple hospital did report its lab had over 400 positive tests for flu in its 36-county coverage area for the week of Feb. 4.

Killeen Independent School District has reported fewer cases of the flu.

The number of new cases of flu cases among students fell sharply last week, down 33 percent to 123 for the week ending Feb. 9, compared to 184 new cases the previous week and 197 the week ending Jan. 26, said KISD spokesman Terry Abbott. No Killeen ISD schools have had to cancel any classes this flu season.

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