Vive Les Arts Theatre

The Vive Les Arts Theatre is photographed Thursday, July 6, 2017, at 3401 S. W.S. Young Drive in Killeen.

Nearly a month after the Vive Les Arts Theatre’s executive board decided to shut down the organization at the end of the summer, that decision was overturned by its members Tuesday. The theater will remain open for the foreseeable future.

Vive Les Arts executive board secretary Stacie Dishon interrupted chairman Summer Heditbrink mid-sentence at the end of Tuesday evening’s annual member meeting that was set to decide the future of the theater.

“Madame chairman, may I give the vote? I have 93 that voted yes (to keep the theater open), and one that voted no,” she said. The audience erupted in cheers. “Now don’t go away; we need your help.”

News that the theater was closing came July 6 without much explanation. An advertisement was submitted to the Herald that asked area residents to come join the staff for the final show at VLA — which has been a fixture in the community for 40 years.

The theater’s board has dissension in its ranks regarding VLA’s future — several board members resigned July 14 — but they agree the theater needs donors and audiences to survive.

Early last month, a majority of board members said they could not commit to another season because of its financial situation. Seven board members subsequently resigned. On Tuesday, an overwhelming majority of VLA members voted to reverse that decision.

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I sure hope they took down all 93 "yes" voter's names, because when the rent and other bills come due, these 93 people need to be ready to write some checks.
The VLA is not a city-owned entity. It is a private organization. No taxpayer money should be going to this entity.
So in six months when VLA is "crying" about being bankrupt and needing a "handout" from the City, remember who the 93 were. They can pay.


I forgot to mention. I loved The Little Mermaid when the Disney film came out and all my grandchildren also love the characters. I hope they will continue the show.


I have lived in the Killeen area since 1978 and have never heard of this place. I would love to get season tickets and also bring my grown children and their kids to some of these performances. I suggest they contact an advertising agency to help them get the word out on dates and times of performances. Maybe news coverage on evening news casts. etc. If I haven't heard of them, there are many others that will fall into my shoes.


So, they voted to keep the theater open. Now, the question is, "How are they going to fund it?" I for one do not know why the monies collected in ticket sales and rentals of conference rooms is insufficient to maintain the theater, especially when coupled with taxpayer dollars. Maybe, KDH could explain the financial aspect and bring this to light. I understand that there is maintenance cost in the upkeep of such a public building but how does that exceed the income? Are their no donors in the Killeen/Fort Hood area that might also contribute to the arts? I would like to see this cultural aspect of our city continue, but at what cost?


Absolutely the best news I've heard all day! I'm in California visiting and would have been to the meeting.

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