There was a lot of energy in the air at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center on Sunday and residents and business owners alike attended the Metaphysical Fair event that was being held. The fair traditionally offers everything from reiki healing to angel card and tarot card readings, and plenty of people were at the event seeing what it was all about.

“We average a couple hundred of guests each time we hold the fair, and we also have anywhere from half a conference room to a full conference room available for the vendors,” fair manager Allison Kelley said. “Today because of the holiday and the weather it is a bit of a smaller crowd, but we still had 25 vendors signed up for today.”

The fair ran from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and in the first hour alone nearly 100 people had attended the event. Some people were just browsing and seeing what was being offered, while others were hoping to find help for various problems.

“I actually have (post-traumatic stress disorder) from my time in the Air Force, and I am here looking for help with that,” Tammy Holbrook-Cain said. “I’m particularly interested in things like energy healing and reiki healing.”

Holbrook-Cain said she has tried things such as hypno-therapy before, and when she saw a posting for the Metaphysical Fair on social media, she decided to come check it out.

Many of the vendors said a lot of the services they provide deals with helping people come to accept themselves. Greg Mallett, who was performing tarot card readings, said he tries to help people focus on what is important to them and decide if there are things they need to let go of.

“A lot of this is just about finding ones-self and self discovery,” he said. “The cards are one way that can help people focus.”

The Metaphysical Fair will be returning to Killeen on May 19.

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