The parking lot outside of the Coffee Beanery at 2408 Clear Creek Road was filled with cars of all shapes and sizes Sunday as area residents came out for the monthly Coffee n’ Cars event.

The free event ran from 9 a.m. to noon and invited drivers to come out and show off their classic and unique vehicles.

“I’ve had my car for a couple of years now,” Frankie Williams said. Williams was at the event with his 1960 Mercury Comet. “I actually first saw it about two years before I bought it, and I kept seeing it during my drives up and down between San Antonio. Finally, once I got within one year of retiring, I stopped and asked the guy about it, and he let me have it for $1,900.”

Williams said his plan is to fix the vehicle up and let it drive him and his wife around during their retirement.

“I’ve actually had a couple of offers on it myself, but I keep saying no, because I didn’t really get it to sell it,” Williams said. “I’ve been working on it with my son, and he enjoys it and he appreciates it. I want to be able to pass it on to him.”

There were several new car owners at the event, as well.

Paul Smith was in attendance showing off a Volkswagen Beetle he acquired in June.

“I haven’t had this car for too long, but it has already won Best in Carrier at three different shows and it won Best in Show at an event in Allen,” Smith said. “Cars are just a real fun hobby of mine. This is fishing, hunting and football for me.”

Smith siad he doesn’t have any plans to do any heavy work on the vehicle, and instead just wants to show it off as it is.

“I just like to keep it maintained,” he said.

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