More than 800 motorcyclists made their way to the Holiday House in Lampasas on Sunday as part of the annual Tri-County Toy Run, which departs from Temple on the first Sunday of December each year.

This year, small bursts of rain were no match for the riders, and more than 100 boxes of toys were donated as part of the event.

“We raised 110 boxes of toys, 100 bicycles and somewhere between $9,000 and $10,000,” toy run organizer Bruce Raymond said. “I always want to do more each year. This is not just a biker run; this is a multicounty run. Everyone is involved.”

Some of the people involved in the toy run aren’t even bikers. ShyAnn Carl, 18, of Temple, said she has been volunteering her time with the toy run for the past eight years.

“My grandpa usually drives one of the 18-wheelers that we load the toys onto, and he got me started with this about eight years ago,” Carl said. “I come out and volunteer each year, and I usually bring my sister and one friend along too.”

Carl said her favorite part of participating in the toy run is seeing how many people show up each year.

“I like to see all the people who come out to give donations each year,” she said.

The motorcycles rolled in to Lampasas about 2:30 p.m. Sunday, but plenty of volunteers were at the Holiday House before then to make sure the event proceeded smoothly.

“We have 20 people out here right now with the club setting up and getting ready,” said Warren Close with the Green Knights Military Motorcycle Club Chapter 110.

“I think the toy run is an awesome thing. It is a way to help those families who may have fallen on hard times.

“It’s a great outpouring of the heart,” Close said. “We just don’t have enough people just giving back these days, and this is a way to do that.”

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Apparently they didn't lose anybody this year?

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