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A graphic showing the cost of short-, mid- and long-term facility upgrades for the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is seen at a public hearing for the facility's master plan Thursday in Killeen.

It was a quiet evening Thursday as no residents turned out for the third and final public hearing on the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport Master plan in Killeen.

The public hearings were part of a comment hearing on the master plan, which will will provide a guide for airport development over the next 20 years detailing short-, mid- and long-range goals and financial plans to achieve them, according to the city.

In total, the goals are projected at a cost of about $446.9 million, with short-term goals totaling $26.2 million, mid-term totaling $61.5 million and long-term totaling $359.1 million.

Among short-term goals that could be fulfilled as soon as 2020 is acquiring land at Fort Hood adjacent to the airport, which could then be utilized as wide, multipurpose land for corporate entities interested in establishing distribution centers around the airport.

At a hearing in Copperas Cove on Wednesday, Aviation Planning Leader Suzanne Peyton, with Garver consultants, said the plans aren’t time sensitive. Plans will be undertaken once a need presents itself.

“Some development won’t be needed until it’s triggered,” Peyton said.

The airport is in transition period after Delta Airlines pulled out of the facility in January. The airport has seen a nearly decadelong trend of dwindling ridership that has begun to stabilize in recent months.

Go to for details on the Master Plan, and to leave comments about the plan.

Herald staff writer Matt Payne contributed to this report. | 254-501-7567

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Pharon Enochs

The following comment is indeed the opinion of Pharon Enochs. I snicker after reading noone showed up for the city's dog and pony show regarding the airport. I tend to believe the city council is going to what is self serving for them as individuals not nessarlibilty what is good for the city and it's population. In my opinion the airport is and has been a losing department for some time.Perhaps egos within the city is also a factor in it staying open. The idea of purchasing more land and throwing more money at a losing operation is fool hearty at best. If things work as normal in this city a losing operation will stay open and city council members will throw away even more tax payer's money on another one of the City of Killeen follies. God bless America, President Trump and John Wayne wherever he may be.

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