Nolan Creek

Meghan, 5, Kendall, 12, and Ella Washburn, 9, with friends Parker, 9, Austin, 12, and Morgan Madsen, link up tubes to go down the chute last year on Nolan Creek in Belton.

BELTON — The city will be celebrating the grand opening of its Nolan Creek Project with a tube-along at Nolan Creek and a movie in the park.

The tube-along will begin at 5 p.m. Saturday behind the Gin at Nolan Creek, 320 Water St., and end at 7 p.m. Following the tube-along will be a movie in the park behind City Hall, 333 Water St., at 7:30 p.m.

“We’ll be putting on ‘Zootopia’ behind City Hall,” Parks and Recreation Director Matt Bates said at Tuesday’s Belton City Council meeting. He added that the movie is being played in conjunction with Grand Avenue Theater.

“We are opening the Nolan Creek Project — it may feel like it’s been open for a little while now — but really the last component was this Nolan Creek Nature Trail, which I’m sure you have visited many times,” Bates said.

The Nolan Creek project began in November 2014, Bates said Wednesday afternoon. He added that the plans for the project have been in place since 2012.

The last component to this project was the Nolan Creek Nature Trail near the new Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge. The trail was the final part of the $100,000 grant the city received from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

“With that final checkbox we’re now getting ready to throw a bit of a party,” Bates said.

Prior to the tube-along at 5 p.m., Mayor Marion Grayson and a group of people will ride down Nolan Creek. At the Landing at Creekside Park, which is located behind the Gin, the Belton Area Chamber of Commerce will stretch a ribbon across the creek so Grayson can cut the ribbon as she floats.

“I’m going to get in with all of y’all,” Grayson said at the Council meeting. “We’re going down the creek and we’re going to have a ribbon cutting. After that’s over with, people can enjoy the drops and stuff.”

Bates said the event “should be a great time” and that he’s expecting sunny skies and no rain on Saturday.

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Hopefully the mayor keeps floating on out of Belton until she reaches the Gulf of Mexico.

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