In spite of a few rainy day delays, the city of Nolanville projects completion of landscaping and Main Street-area improvements by the end of February, said Nolanville City Manager Kara Escajeda.

“We are looking forward to having the landscaping complete just in time for spring,” she said. “The project is currently about 75 percent complete.”

New sidewalks, streetlights and re-pavement for the Nolanville Fire Department parking lot are all part of the city’s planned improvements, Escajeda said.

The new sidewalks on the south side of the Interstate-14 access road and extending under the overpass are completed, Escajeda said. The covers for the bus stops that the new walkways lead to are also installed, she said.

“There is just one block of sidewalk in the Main Street area that still needs to be completed,” she said, “and they need to add some railing to the new sidewalks.”

More than half of the new streetlights have been installed, according to Escajeda.

“We have street lights installed all down one side of the road, and they’ve already started on the other side,” Escajeda said. “And the parking lot for the fire department has been repaved.”

The contracted cost of the project was $726,126, Escajeda said. The Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization contributed $435,413 and the Nolanville Economic Development Corporation gave $120,000 toward the improvements, she said.

Nolanville also used the Governor’s Community Achievement award of $110,000 it received last year, Escajeda said. The remainder of the project was paid for from the city reserve budget, she said.

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