Stillhouse Hollow Lake

A sign showing the rules for the boat ramp at Stillhouse Hollow Lake is seen Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015.

State, county and federal officials are looking for the body of a man who is believed to have drowned Sunday in Stillhouse Hollow Lake near Dana Peak Park.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Warden Bryan Dulock, a 40- to 50-year-old Hispanic man was boating with family and friends Sunday morning when he and another woman were separated from the boat.

Dulock said the woman was rescued from the water by a nearby boater, but the victim was unable to stay above the water and is believed to have drowned. The game warden's office received a call about a possible drowning around noon.

On Sunday, first responders from the Morgan's Point Resort dive team, Bell County Sheriff's Department, Central Bell County Volunteer Fire Department and Harker Heights Fire Department aided the search.

Dulock said the officials with the warden's office, county sheriff's department and Army Corps of Engineers were still searching Monday. Dulock said the search would be called off before dark and re-started in the morning, if the body had not yet been found.

"Since this is a recovery, it’s not safe at night," Dulock said.

According to Dulock, if the man's body is not found within the next day, the warden's office would likely call in more state resources in the search, including technology to pinpoint the location of the body.

Dulock said missing persons cases are never fully called off, but search teams would likely stop actively sweeping if the body is not found within five days.

According to divers on scene, water at the lowest depths of Stillhouse Hollow Lake was around 58 degrees Sunday, potentially keeping the man's body below the water longer than normal, Dulock said.

"This is not an exact science so there’s any number of variables," Dulock said.

Other variables could include the presence of lake flora, in which the body could become entangled. | 254-501-7567

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