The parking lot of Agn Motorsports was filled with cars Sunday as vehicles in all makes and models arrived for the Dyno Day Car Show.

The car show event was hosted by Agn Motorsports with L&D Graphics and the Killeen car club Nanigans.

“Today we are giving out trophies for most horsepower in several different categories,” car club president Anthony Brown said.

The car show was a bit different than usual. Instead of setting up in a parking space and having judges walk around and judge each car, the main goal of the event was to see which car could put out the most horsepower.

To find that out, each car was placed on a dynamometer machine, a device that measures the top speed of a car and its maximum horsepower once the driver steps on the gas pedal.

“We are hoping to have at least 200 people come out for the event, and at least 30 to 40 cars,” Eric Tirado, owner of Agn Motorsports, said. “We have been promoting this event for three or four months, so we hope to get a really good turnout.”

The event wasn’t just for car drivers, either.

Scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., the event offered fun for the whole family.

A bounce house was set up for the kids and organizers were grilling hot dogs and other food items for attendees.

Drivers were excited to participate in the event

“This car hits anywhere between 840 and 926 horsepower,” Ron Skorupa said of his 2007 Dodge Magnum. “I do a lot of racing with this car. I actually hit 186 miles per hour in the standing mile, which is the world record for the Magnum and four-door platform.”

Other drivers took the time to examine each other’s vehicles and get ideas for how to improve their own cars.

Awards were scheduled to be handed out about 6 p.m. after every entrant had been measured on the dynamometer machine.

Agn Motorsports is at 5209 E. Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen.

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