Rosewood project

An aerial view of the 103 acres of land on Rosewood Drive and Interstate 14 that could be the city of Killeen's "gateway project," according to a Killeen City Council memorandum.

The Killeen Planning and Zoning Commission is moving forward with commercial platting on the frontage of Rosewood Drive as the city works to piece together a larger 103-acre “gateway project” near Interstate 14.

The commission approved a commercial plat for 46 acres of east and west Rosewood frontage on Monday. The plat encompasses the western portion of a 103-acre planned unit development that will go up for Killeen City Council approval at a later date.

City planner Tony McIlwain said the 46 acres are already zoned commercial and allow the land’s developer, KNC Associates, to remain flexible as the council deliberates on the project.

“It’s a very good start,” McIlwain said. “It doesn’t have the city at any risk, and I think the developers are very comfortable with this plat. The staff asked, ‘what if (the concept plan) isn’t approved?’ and (the developer) said, ‘we’ll just go commercial.’”

The plat will effectively act as a placeholder for the Rosewood project, which McIlwain said was still planned to include commercial frontage on Rosewood.

The council voted 5-2 on May 23 to approve a land use adjustment for the 103-acre property, which McIlwain said was planned as an “upper scale development.” Council members expressed concern that there were was uncertainty over how the land would be developed and what kind of housing would be installed on the property’s eastern boundaries.

Council members Shirley Fleming and Steve Harris voted against the adjustment.

The submitted plat will allow the developer to dedicate utility easements to the city in preparation for the larger project, according to engineer Pedro Quintero, who represented the developer Monday.

The council is expected to consider a concept plan for the development at a later date, which will include proposed commercial and residential use as well as green space and traffic considerations.

One of the lots — a 16-acre parcel on the far western edge of the plat — is being considered for multi-family housing if the planned unit development is approved. If that doesn’t pass council muster, McIlwain said, the parcel could be suited for a big-box retailer behind a row of frontage commercial properties. | 254-501-7567

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