Killeen Fire Department employees were hard at work with water and hoses at the Killeen Police Department headquarters Wednesday. Luckily, there was no fire — the fire department was just paying off a good-natured bet to the winners of the Boots vs. Badges blood drive on July 18.

Members of the Killeen Fire Department brought a fire truck to the  parking lot at KPD headquarters and soaked down a small convoy of police vehicles before firefighters gave them a thorough washing.

Police car wash 2.JPG

Employees of the Killeen Fire Department wash police vehicles Wednesday after losing in the Boots vs. Badges blood drive at the Killeen Community Center on July 18.

Police car wash 4.JPG

Members of the Killeen Police Department and Killeen Fire Department stand outside KPD headquarters Wednesday after Fire Department employees finished washing police vehicles after losing the Boots vs. Badges blood drive event July 18.

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So as a result of winning their illegal gambling venture between police and fire departments the participants then get to add wear and tear on a $300,000+ fire truck wasting gallons and gallons of water for the sake of washing a few police vehicles. I guess the next thing on the agenda will be letting the firemen take their trucks home with them like the cops do their squad cars?

Seems to me the City of Killeen suffers far too much financial strain on their resources than to allow this type of waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer funded equipment.

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